Jobs for… outdoorsy types

With the first rays of Spring sunshine tentatively peaking out from behind the clouds, Team Adzuna have been looking into the range of roles available for those who love nothing more than the great outdoors! And here are our top 5.... 1. Landscape gardener The ultimate role for lovers of... Read more

Five management books that could really change your work style

Aptly timed words of wisdom in the workplace can have a profound impact on the course of your day, your week, or even the bigger work and career decisions we make. Inspired to find some words of wisdom thus week with the power to change the way you think about your roles at work, or... Read more

Can You Help Us Find The Best British Workplace?

Today Adzuna starts the search for the Best British Workplace. We’re on the hunt for workplaces that stand out from the pack, lead by example, and make their employees proud to say ‘I work there’. The cream of the crop will be crowned a Best British Workplace 2016, while an overall... Read more

Ten Quotes That Will Transform Your Job Hunt

Here at Adzuna HQ in London we know that the long road to success can seem endless and exhausting. So, to keep all our UK jobseekers positive, focused and inspired, we’ve been searching the internet high and low for the most inspirational career quotes that will transform your job... Read more

12 of the World’s Largest Building Projects (infographic)

Have you heard the parable of the builders laying bricks? Someone walking past a building site stops to ask what the builders are doing and gets three different responses. The first replies: “I’m laying bricks.” The second says: “I’m building a wall.” The third declares:... Read more

Adzuna Job Market Report – March 2016

Jobs market recovery stalls amid Brexit uncertainty  Adzuna Job Market Report - March 2016 The recovery of the jobs market has slowed significantly as uncertainty surrounding Brexit may have dampened demand for new hires, according to the latest UK Job Market Report from Read more

Adzuna Job Market Report – February 2016

Jobseekers face fewer options in 2016 as new openings fall In January, over 1 million  job vacancies were being advertised in the UK (1,079,711, to be precise). Despite the high numbers, advertised roles are actually down 7.3% from a whopping 1,164,502 in December – the largest monthly... Read more


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