Team Adzuna Is Raising Money For Cancer Research – Join Us!

Team Adzuna is raising money for Cancer Research UK and we've decided to walk 100km overnight along the Thames - all the way from Henley to Putney near our office in leafy south-west London. We have so far reached 44% of our goal (£5,000) and raised £2,233.60, thanks to all the... Read more

7 Jobs For People Who Thrive In Social Situations

Are you the kind of person that enjoys spending time with people or working in groups? Do you derive energy from social situations or have the ability to make great conversations with just about anyone? You might just be what they call an 'extrovert'. Extroverts are known to be an... Read more

Unisex Toilets and Lunchtime Pints – Which Workplace Trends From The Past Have Made A Lasting Mark?

Are office slides still cool? Will the trend continue to grow until the workplace of 2030 resembles a fairground? Or will we look back on the thought of grown men and women whooshing through tubes with a shrug and the catch-all excuse that 'it was a different time'? We can't predict the... Read more

ValueMyCV Is Now Better Than Ever

Jump straight to what's new about ValueMyCV When ValueMyCV was launched in early 2015 we hoped it would take the guesswork out of negotiating starting salaries, that it would provide the confidence workers needed to ask their boss for a pay rise, and that it would help job seekers land... Read more

The Science Behind A Happier Commute

For commuters currently struggling with the 'failing' Southern Rail (London Mayor Sadiq Khan's choice of word, not mine) it will no doubt feel like nothing short of a way to teleport to work will help. But even those of us that aren't blighted by repeated strikes and severely reduced... Read more

How To Deal With Career Jealousy After Graduation

There’s nothing more soul destroying than having to congratulate someone when you just don’t mean it. As a graduate, you unfortunately have to do this a lot. You have to congratulate friends and university classmates on finding the job of their dreams as you burn with envy from the... Read more

Adzuna Job Market Report – July 2016

Moving jobs gets easier as competition for roles falls to record low in June Click here to download the full July 2016 report June saw job competition drop to two jobs per jobseeker, the lowest on record, as employers continue hiring despite Brexit concerns, and a chronic skills shortage... Read more


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