5 Books To Revolutionise Your Job Search

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Tracking down that next job without expert advice can sometimes seem like a trek through Jobseeker Jungle, without a guide, mapless and often with entirely the wrong shoes. If you know where to look, however, top advice is readily available to make your job search journey less of an intrepid adventure and more of a walk in the park.

The Team at job search engine Adzuna are helping you start your journey with your best foot forward by hunting out  these five awesome books, packed full of job search wisdom, practical advice and tips and tricks to help you navigate the path ahead like a seasoned explorer.

1. The 2-Hour Job Search: Using Technology to Get the Right Job Faster - Steve Dalton

Ideal for the job hunter for whom speed is a top priority in their job hunt, and a passion for using the newest technologies to enable a smoother, more effective job search, this guide  shows job-seekers how to work smarter (and faster) to secure first interviews. Remarkable for it’s shortage of vague tips and platitudes, this book  carries a distinct lack of vague tips like “leverage your contacts,”, Dalton focuses on guiding intrepid job explorers through the Internet’s sea of information using mainstream technology such as Excel, Google, LinkedIn, and alumni databases to create a list of target employers, contact them, and then secure an interview—with only two hours of effort.

2. The Confidence Factor: seven Secrets of Successful People – Annie Ashdown

The power of first impressions are beyond debate, and Annie Ashdown argues that if you don’t have confidence within yourself, it is significantly more difficult for anyone else have confidence in you?

A lack of self confidence can affect anybody, whether you operate at the top of your chosen career the or are a student at university, you can be taken advantage of, passed over for promotion without achieving your potential. When you have self-esteem, assertiveness and confidence you stand up for yourself, you know what you want and go for it. You are the best you can be.

3. Job Hunting 3.0 - Richard Maun 

With competition for jobs increasing, savvy job hunters are under constant pressure to move with the times, thinking beyond traditionally accepted tactics in order to stand out from the crowd. In Job Hunting 3.0, Maun advises forward-thinking candidates on how to move a step beyond a brilliant CV and the ability to answer tough interview questions.

Job hunting has become a sophisticated game, and to play it well you must have the right set of tools and skills that can really make a difference.


4. Job Interviews: Top Answers To Tough Questions - John Lees

For many candidates, that much-desired interview represents not only a fantastic opportunity to bag that dream job, but also a daunting experience packed with chances to say the wrong thing. Top Answers To Tough Questions provides an invaluable resource for nervous interviewees, with guidance on how to stand out from the crowd with well-structured responses to some of the most notoriously tricky questions known to job hunting. By tuning into the burning questions interviewers are looking to find answers to, this guide  helps applicants create the very best first impression.



5. You’re Hired! CV: How to write a brilliant CV - Corinne Mills

The very first impression your new employer gets of you is more often that not through your CV – so it’s pretty important that it shows your very best side..

That said, crafting the right impression for each application can be something of  a science. Corinne Mills guides experienced and new job seekers through the process of creating that perfect first impression with easy to use advice, examples and practical tips that can be used again and again.

With all that knowledge at your fingertips, all you need is the right vacancy to apply for. To put your new found job hunting expertise into practice, kickstart your job search at Adzuna.co.uk.

Adzuna’s Jenna Brown Named In Industry Hot List

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Adzuna’s very own Sales Analyst, Jenna Brown, has been crowned one of the top 25  women under 25 in the world of technology by coding experts CodeFirstGirls. Highlighting the cream of the crop in technology talent, the list aims to highlight the Ones To Watch – entrepreneurial, talented women who will play a huge part in driving the technology world forward in years to come. At Adzuna Towers, we couldn’t be prouder to see our Jenna take her rightful place on the list.

Jenna Brown 2 - Adzuna

Coming from a background in finance, armed with 1st Class degree in economics from the University of Bath, Jenna joined Adzuna in 2013, as employee number 9. On a mission to find a role where she could where she could make a genuine difference to her industry, she has been  instrumental in fine-tuning the Adzuna data that is used to provide up-to-the-minute stats about employment issues to David Cameron.

Not content with that, as a direct result of her creativity and data expertise, Adzuna was named Land Registry OpenData Champion in December 2013. Put all this together, and there is no doubt in our minds that Jenna is at the forefront of labour market data analysis, and is well on track to help influence key decisions in her area for the whole country.

Well done Jenna – we are all extremely proud of you!



Brighton named the most unaffordable place in Britain for first-time buyers

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Our wizard-like data crunching gurus have been at it again. We took all our data on the property market and all our data on the jobs market to  calculate the affordability of areas. by looking at average salaries for the top 50 cities in the UK using their comprehensive search index of over 800,000 job ads.

Brighton has been crowned the least affordable town in the UK for first time buyers, whereas Belfast & Hull are amongst the most affordable, according to new Adzuna analysis. The research shows that almost 80% of homes in Belfast are within financial reach for first-time buyers on average local incomes. Oxford, Chelmsford, Cambridge and London all ranked amongst the most unaffordable places to get a foot on the property ladder, as wages stagnate and property prices soar across Britain.

Pockets of opportunity for first time buyers

Our study reveals that first-time buyers should head to Northern locations like Sunderland, Salford and Hull, where average property prices at £136,095 are only 2.5 times average earnings for the area. Bargain hunters should also set their sights on Midlands cities like Stoke-on-Trent, Nottingham and Derby. House hunters in the South of England shouldn’t feel too despondent: Portsmouth, Plymouth and Southampton are amongst the most affordable cities in the South for first-time buyers this April with up to a third of homes still falling within financial reach.

Brighton, Oxford & Chelmsford locals struggle the most

Brighton, Oxford & Chelmsford are the most unaffordable towns and cities in the UK for first-time purchasers. A typical home in Brighton now sells for over 7 times the average Brightonian couple’s earnings, at over £400,000. First time buyers working in Brighton looking for cheaper options should head to Crawley (22 miles) or Worthing (13 miles)  where the average 2 bedroom home is on average 22% cheaper.

London prices skyrocket by 15% as wages stagnate

Kensington Palace Gardens – the most expensive street in London, with average property prices in excess of £40m.

Boasting luxury homes valued at up to £50 million, London has seen soaring property prices in the last 12 months, with house values rising 15% year on year. With wages in the capital stagnating and tracking below inflation, properties in London have become increasingly unaffordable for locals with a staggering 91% of homes in the capital completely out of financial reach.

Top 10 Most Affordable Cities for First Time Buyers


Top 10 Most Affordable Cities for First Time Buyers


Name of City

% of homes within budget*

1-bed price vs. single salary ratio**































Top 10 Least Affordable Cities for First Time Buyers

Name of City

% of homes within budget*

1-bed price vs. single salary ratio**































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