How to win at clearing

Use of the clearing system looks set to reach a record high today, as thousands of students look to secure a place at University. Adzuna has put together five simple tips to help students navigate this tricky time: 1) Stay calm: You're going to need to be super calm and focused today.... Read more

5 work mistakes to avoid

Few employees can claim to boast a career entirely free of errors, or unscathed by the odd bad day. Most people have experienced days they wish had never happened; the one you would turn back the clocks on if you could, and redo it from scratch. Mis-sent emails, accidental work faux... Read more

Social Media Tips for Jobseekers

The rise of social media has led to a fundamental change in the way employers recruit. Whereas in the past, job seekers made sure that they looked professional and presentable for interview, in the modern era job seekers must also take care to make sure their social profiles are equally... Read more

Last chance to enter the Graduate of the Year competition

Calling all recent graduates! We have just a few days left to enter the Grad of the Year competition! The competition closes THIS FRIDAY and we are still accepting applications up to the deadline. So if you want to win amazing prizes and be crowned “Graduate of the Year 2015“look no... Read more

How to have the perfect day

Small adjustments in your daily routine can make a big difference. How do you have a great day? What life hacks can you use to give you the edge and make sure you are thinking and working faster? We take a look below: Click infograph to enlarge   For those looking for some of the... Read more

Adzuna Job Market Report – July 2015

Advertised salaries fall to 11-month low But a tenth of vacancies set to benefit from National Living Wage changes Download the full report here. On the face of it, things are looking up in the employment market, with over a million advertised vacancies across the nation. On the other... Read more

34 interview tips for Recent Grads

We all know the feeling. You've worked hard for the last few years, received a freshly minted degree and are ready to make your mark on the world! Just one final hurdle stands in your way - the job interview. Here are 34 (yes 34!) interview tips to enable the new grads to really shine in... Read more


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