Do Attention Grabbing Tactics Really Help you Land a Job?

From hiring billboards to lighting up your house with Christmas lights, the internet is brimming with tales of inventive job seekers that have turned finding work into an art form. Here we take a look at a few job seeking stunts from recent years that have got media attention - and in... Read more

The five top tech hubs outside of London

London’s Tech City has quite rightfully received a lot of positive press recently due to its impressive growth. Formed around the beginning of the decade, Tech City has grown from a couple of hundred start-ups to a few thousand today. According to research by Oxford Economics, over the... Read more

Jobs for….number nerds

Having skills with numbers is a massive advantage in today's modern economy - of that there is no doubt. But which roles appeal specifically to the numerically inclined? With the rise of big data, sophisticated trading algorithms and the continued importance of accountancy standards,... Read more

The Life of Apple Founder Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs led an extraordinary life. A new film starring directed by Danny Boyle and starring Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet and Seth Rogen has recently been released both in the US and the UK. The film based on the biography by Walter Isaacson charts Jobs rise, fall and rise again as... Read more

Adzuna co-founder takes part in ‘Silicon Valley Comes to the UK’ events

Adzuna co-founder Doug Monro has taken part in events around the 'Silicon Valley Comes to the UK' initiative. Doug attended a dinner hosted by the Duke of York on Thursday evening alongside world wide web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Culture Minister Ed Vaizey and investor Eileen... Read more

The nine most annoying work personalities

We've all worked in places where there are annoying work personalities. These types of personalities can annoy, frustrate and even cause other employees to leave a company! We've taken a look at the top nine most annoying work personalities and flagged up how to spot these traits: Click... Read more

The Influential First Hires of Tech Giants

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos - these are just a few founders that have become synonymous with the tech companies they founded. The huge success of Apple, Facebook and Amazon isn't theirs alone, however. They’ve depended on incredible people to rise up from humble... Read more


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