The Jobs With The Biggest Salary Growth

New data released by the ONS has revealed which occupations in the UK are paid the most in 2016. The list of highest paid occupations - with brokers, chief executives and aircraft pilots making up the top 10 - is pretty predictable, and looks almost identical to 2015's highest paid... Read more

21,000 Christmas jobs still unfilled as demand for seasonal staff remains strong

A new study from job search engine has revealed that 21,000 Christmas jobs are still available in the UK, marking a 24% increase in the number of festive roles since last year, as employers seek to staff up for an anticipated festive rush. The major high street and online... Read more

3 in 4 CVs Contain Spelling Errors

Does your CV claim you are proficent with microsoft powerpoint, an affective communicator, or have mangement experience? If so you're in good company, as our recent study found that almost three quarters of CVs have at least one spelling area. In fact, in a sample of 20,000 CVs... Read more

Tips For Negotiating A Salary Increase

Our recent look at which jobs have seen the biggest salary increases over the past 10 years shows that over time there can be dramatic shifts in the value of certain skills. But you shouldn’t just assume that your employer will hand out salary increases in line with your rising market... Read more

Data Architect is the best paid job in tech

New data from job search engine has found that the bigger paying tech sector roles have average salaries up to 160% higher than the national average wage. Tech architects building a new future Data Architects can expect to command the most handsome starting salaries in the... Read more

What skills do professional photographers need?

  With everyone carrying a camera in their pocket, pretty much anyone can post some pictures to Instagram or flickr and fancy themselves as a bit of a photographer. But while taking an epic holiday sunset pic and waiting for your friends and family to give you the digital thumbs... Read more

Coolest Offices 2016 Edition – London Vs. The Rest Of The UK

We've all heard of the swanky offices in Silicon Valley that everybody wants to work at, but the UK is filled with just as many incredibly designed work spaces. While the first city that comes to mind when you think of these cool spaces we're talking about might be London, there are... Read more


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