Graduate of the Year UK finalist – VOTE NOW!

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Over the past two months we’ve received so many fantastic entries to our Graduate of the Year 2014 competition that we are struggling even to choose a selection of finalists… So we are asking YOU to help us! We’ve shortlisted six candidates from UK universities and are asking you to vote for your favourite graduate by 11.59pm on Sunday the 7th of September. The graduate with the most votes will become a finalist in our global competition. So, without further ado, meet our brilliant candidates:


Name: Hannah Donkin
Age: 21
University: University of Sheffield
Category: Creative Arts
Proudest achievement: Known affectionately as ‘Donk’, Hannah was recently awarded a first class honours degree in music as well as the BMus prize for highest overall mark and a Pro Vice Chancellor’s commendation. She also received the Philip John Lord prize for best composition portfolio. Whilst studying for her degree, Hannah fundraised over £4,000 and undertook expeditions to Mount Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro for a children’s charity as well as volunteering as a team leader in which she recruited and managed a team that raised a further £32,000. Hannah was also Secretary of the Music Society and worked part time as a piano teacher, in addition to regular performances as a soloist, an accompanist and with various University ensembles.
Inspired by: Her parents
Spirit animal: The bear
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1012324_10151658857970589_1660918199_nName: Ayla Iridag
Age: 22
University: University of Dundee
Category: Politics
Proudest achievement: When it comes to being active within the university community, Ayla has done it all, having participated in several sports teams, helped to form a new university society and been a Student Ambassador for the university. Her proudest achievement, however, is her work for the Dundee Student Law Clinic, which offers free and confidential legal advice, assistance and sometimes representation to members of the public. Ayla took over the running of the clinic (on a fully voluntary basis) at the end of her undergraduate studies, having volunteered there in her final year. In her time there, she has worked to overhaul and streamline many of the processes and procedures at the clinic, whilst also maintaing an advisory role and attending several court cases and tribunals to represent members of the public. She also worked closely with the University’s REACH project, which aims to encourage the ambitions of underprivileged youths, all at the same time as holding down a part-time job!
Inspired by: Baroness Hale, the most senior female judge in UK history
Spirit animal: The arctic fox
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Name: Michelle Kimberly Jamieson
Age: 23
University: University of the West of Scotland
Category: Academic
Proudest achievement: Having recently graduated at the top of her class with a First in Psychology, Michelle has devoted a lot of time to her passion of volunteering and helping others alongside her studies. Michelle volunteers as a Community Support Network Counselling group facilitator at SAMH, a Befriender at Greater Pollok Integration Network and a Pen friend for Human Writes. She spent several months of her summer working with a charity in Transylvania that takes in orphaned children affected by HIV/AIDs, intellectual disabilities and poverty. She has also spent some time with Headway as a group worker with individuals with complex head injuries, with St. Andrew’s Ambulance as a first-aider, as a Research Assistant at Mellow Parenting and with The Rucksack Project, Glasgow. In her volunteer work Michelle aims to raise awareness of several social and psychological issues such as specific mental health issues, social inclusion, health problems, human rights, advocacy and poverty in Scotland. Michelle has won several awards for her work, both social and academic.
Inspired by: All the medical professionals and specialists who helped her cope with her SpLD Dyscalculia, and by all the people she has met during her voluntary work
Spirit animal: The owl
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Chris Knight Samply

Name: Chris Knight
Age: 23
University: Leeds Metropolitan University
Category: Entrepreneur
Proudest achievement: Chris already has many successes to his name, having run initiatives as diverse as a t-shirt printing business, a student club night and a popular monthly house music night while at university. His latest venture, a product sampling smartphone app called Samply, beat over 250 other entries to win the Leeds Enterprise Awards. The app, which aims to make product sampling more efficient for brands and more rewarding for consumers, is due to launch in October 2014 and has already secured Coca-Cola, Warburtons, Red Bull, Diageo, Nestlé and Kellog’s as strategic partners!
Inspired by: His father
Spirit animal: The hummingbird
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Name: Hannah Witton
Age: 22
University: University of Birmingham
Category: Social
Proudest achievement: On top of studying for her degree and receiving a First, Hannah has been running her own successful YouTube channel for three years. Giving young people advice and help with sex and relationships, Hannah’s profile has gained over 50,000 subscribers, as well as a 10,000-strong following on Twitter. She loves communicating with and helping people from all over the world, some of whom may have no one else to speak to about these important issues. Hannah loves being her own boss and hopes one day to be the British equivalent of Tina Fey or Amy Poehler.
Inspired by: Caitlin Moran
Spirit animal: The badger
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Name: Alice Beckley
University: University of Wolverhampton
Category: Academic
Proudest achievement: Alice turned her back on a professional football career to go into cancer research, after having been diagnosed with cancer herself in 2010. Striving to ensure that others do not have to go through the same experiences she has had to endure, Alice has excelled in her studies, being recognised as The Paycare Trust’s highest achieving biomedical scientist at Wolverhampton in second her year. Furthermore, she was named Cellular Pathology Student of the Year, as well as being awarded with the President’s Prize by the Institute of Biomedical Scientists due to her outstanding academic record. Alice has also spent time volunteering for Macmillan Cancer Support and hopes one day to be a Professor of Oncology at the Institute of Cancer Research.
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Adzuna Job Market Report – August 2014

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UK sees annual salary growth
Manufacturing drive boosts recovery in Midlands and the North

Click here to read the full Job Market Report for August 2014

Good news abounds in the job market as both advertised salaries and vacancy numbers are up year-on-year from 2013 figures. UK wages have reached 2013 levels for the first time this year, increasing 0.9% since last July to £33,873. Competition for available roles continues to fall – Adzuna data shows that in July there was an average of only 1.14 jobseekers per vacancy.

Salaries are on the rise in every UK region except London, where wages have fallen 1.0% year-on-year. The North East, West Midlands and Yorkshire were among the regions with the highest wage growth in July, giving hope that the UK’s strong North-South divide is beginning to soften. Though competition for jobs in the North is still far higher than in the South, the number of jobseekers is falling throughout the country as unemployment figures stay low.

July also saw strong improvements in the manufacturing and graduate jobs sectors — very welcome good news for the North of England and for those who have recently left university.

 Table 1: Vacancy and salary trends in the UK

June 2014

July 2014

Monthly Change

Annual change from July 2013

UK Vacancies





Av. Advertised UK Salary





Salaries across the nation

July saw month-on-month wage growth in all regions except London. Though salaries in the capital have fallen by 1.0% in the past year, the salary slide here is showing signs of slowing. On the other end of the scale, wages in Wales continue to increase, rising 18.7% since July 2013, leaving the average wage here pushing £30,000 for the first time in two years. Wages are also on the rise in many regions in the North of England, buoyed by an upsurge of activity in the manufacturing sector.

Table 2: UK salaries by region


Average Salary

Annual change




South West England



North East England



West Midlands



Yorkshire and The Humber



North West England



Northern Ireland



Eastern England



South East England



East Midlands







£41,564 -1.0%

Manufacturing surge in the North

The manufacturing sector in the UK has seen a recent boom, with both vacancies and salaries greatly increased. Wages in the sector are up 15.9% from July 2013 to £29,507 – a two-year high for the industry –  and the number of job openings has almost doubled in the past year to 15,912.

Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna, explains:  “Whilst the UK has somewhat lost its mantle as the Workshop of the World, there is no denying that manufacturing in the UK is finding its feet once more as the bedrock of the British economy. Much of this positivity centres on manufacturing hubs in Northern England, as the North’s combination of cheaper running costs, spare labour capacity and cutting-edge innovation is beginning to ensure the economic recovery is felt across the nation.”

Graduate salaries grow

graduate-jobs_1683917cJuly marked the third consecutive month of growth in graduate salaries, as average salaries for entry-level positions reached £24,870. It’s not only graduate salaries that are seeing a boost: the number of graduate job vacancies have near tripled year-on-year, up from 5,550 in July 2013 to 14,746 in July 2014.

Where are all the jobs?

While Cambridge tops the chart for the Best City to Find a Job yet again, with more than eight advertised vacancies to every job hunter, fortunes for job seekers in the North of England are gradually improving. Although most of the hardest places to find work remain to be in the North, competition is lessening in many of these towns. In Sunderland, the number of job seekers competing for each position continues to fall: in July 2013, there were over 30 jobseekers per vacancy in the city, this month that figure is down to 11.63. On the other hand, levels of competition for jobs in Swansea are increasing as more and more job seekers enter the market here, attracted by rising salaries.


All past Adzuna Job Reports can be viewed here. If you have any questions about Adzuna data, please contact us: our resident data geeks will be happy to help.

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The Coolest Offices in the World – 2014 Edition

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We’ve all heard about the legendarily hip offices at tech giants like Google and Facebook, but what about the many other cool workplaces around the world?

Hold onto your stapler and prepare to go green with envy: we’ve found eight of the most exciting offices around the world in 2014, from São Paulo to Paris. Don’t forget to take a look at the vacancies available at each of these companies to find your perfect job today!

BIZZBY – London, UK

What: The Bizzby app summons service professionals to your door within the hour
Where: London’s Tech City in trendy Shoreditch
Why it’s cool: This office, on the third floor of an old Victorian curtain factory, could just be the most colourful office in London. Everything here, from the custom graffiti and fake grass covering its floors to the multicoloured desks and beanbags scattered around the rooms to the original beams spanning its high ceilings, screams futuristic fun.

photo credit: Office Snapshots

photo credit: Office Snapshots

Wish this was your workplace? Click through to see current vacancies at Bizzby.

Skype – London, UK

What: The world’s most popular video-communication service
Where: Near Chancery Lane, the heart of London’s imposing legal district
Why it’s cool: Spread across three floors, the Skype offices extend out from a central Chill Hub, where employees can meet, eat and obviously chill out, to dozens of dedicated neighbourhoods housing different teams. Virtually every room – from the group brainstorming “scrum areas” to personal phone booths – features dedicated Skype cams and screens, with appropriate lighting and acoustic rendering to make every call look and sound perfect. Ease of communication, both within the office and with other Skype employees around the world, is key to the office’s design.

photo credit: isg

photo credit: isg

Fancy working at Skype? Check out current vacancies at the company here!

NS Stations – Utrecht, NL

What: A department of the Dutch Railway (NS) responsible for railway stations
Where: Right on top of Utrecht Centraal, the largest railway station in the Netherlands
Why it’s cool: All that remains of the original building is its concrete structure from the 1970s. The building’s exterior was replaced with a glass skin in the 90s and its interior was recently re-designed, eliminating the traditional corridors-and-cubicles layout, and with it the notion of fixed work-stations for employees. Now, each of the floors boasts a quirky and unique entrance area – those of floors 10 and 11 shown below – leading onto a series of open-plan, interconnected spaces, which encourage collaboration and creativity.

photo credit: office snapshots

photo credit: Office Snapshots

Why not take a look at the current vacancies at NS Stations?

SYZYGY – Frankfurt, DE

What: A digital marketing agency with offices in London and New York, among others
Where: In downtown Frankfurt, the financial capital of Continental Europe
Why it’s cool: A central indoor garden or “green lung” improves air quality in the office and adds touches of colour and life to its otherwise mainly monochrome rooms. The curved walls with their irregular cut-outs are inspired by organic shapes, preventing the white office from feeling too clinical. Multi-media pin-boards allow employees to showcase their work for discussion, encouraging creative collaboration.

photo credit: german-architechts

photo credit: german-architechts

Love this office? Vacancies at the British and German branches of SYZYGY can be viewed here and here.

Vente-Privée – Paris, FR

What: A French e-commerce company that pioneered the concept of online flash sales
Where: In La Plaine Saint-Denis, on the outskirts of Paris
Why it’s cool: The huge old building which has housed Vente-Privée since its inception in 2001 is a repurposed printing factory, the former printing house of the famous French newspaper Le Monde. Different levels of the building are dedicated to different parts of the company: an international customer services team, creative and sales departments, and the Digital Factory where models are styled, and photos & videos are shot.

photo credit: Business Insider

photo credit: Business Insider

With a diverse range of jobs being done at the busy Vente-Privée HQ, why not take a look at some of the current openings at the company here?

Commonwealth Bank – Sydney, AUS

What: An Australian multinational bank with branches in four continents
Where: On the beautiful Sydney Harbour foreshore
Why it’s cool: The building features a rooftop terrace complete with barbecuing facilities and several vegetable patches. It also has excellent green credentials, with its design aiming to save 2,500 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

photo credit: ZDNet

photo credit: ZDNet

Click through to view current vacancies at Commonwealth Bank.

Google – São Paulo, BR

What: The most-used search engine on the web
Where: On Faria Lima Avenue, an important commercial and financial centre in the city
Why it’s cool: Opened in early 2013, the Google offices in São Paulo occupy a huge 9,000sqm and more than uphold the company’s reputation of having cool and quirky offices. The highlights of this office include a hammock room for napping and working and a large restaurant with optional outdoor dining.

photo credit: The Next Web

photo credit: The Next Web

Check out vacancies at Google Brazil for your chance to work from those hammocks!

Casa Rex – São Paulo, BR

What: A highly-awarded international design consultancy
Where: A former residence in the Pacaembu neighbourhood, in central São Paulo
Why it’s cool: Part-studio, part-gallery, this building is everything you would expect from the offices of a top design firm. The light and airy studio features a massive concrete bookcase, juxtaposed with a sleek wooden staircase leading to the elevated director’s office. In the reception area, the agency’s latest work is displayed on the the building’s original brickwork walls.

photo credit: ArchDaily

photo credit: ArchDaily

Can you see yourself working here? Look here for vacancies at Casa Rex.