Is this 2015′s craziest application?

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When it comes to finding a new job, standing out amongst a crowded field of applicants can be tricky, but it certainly didn’t phase one candidate the Adzuna team came across this week. This intrepid jobseeker threw caution to the wind and with a straight-talking cover letter, bagged himself a new position!

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Over half of Britain’s employees are unhappy with their salaries

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Value my CV

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More than half (52%) of Britain’s employees are unhappy with their rate of pay, feeling underpaid for the hours they work or duties they carry out, according to new research by job search engine Adzuna. Nationwide, a mere 3% of us are completely satisfied with our current salary level.

The survey, conducted by job search engine Adzuna in January 2015, analysed attitudes of over 1,000 UK workers to highlight salary satisfaction levels across 30+ industries in 12 UK regions. Payrise potential was also analysed by the research, which was conducted to celebrate the launch of ValueMyCV, a unique, free tool that calculates how much you’re worth based on your CV. The service also automatically suggests improvements to your CV, matches you to relevant jobs based on your skills and creates an interactive ‘career pathway’ based on your job title.

Despite despondency over current pay levels, Britain proved itself a nation of optimists, with more than half of British workers hoping for a wage increase in the coming year. While salary dissatisfaction levels were higher among male respondents than their female colleagues, the women remained more confident of a pay rise in 2015, with 55% of Britain’s female employees expecting an increase this year.

Regional breakdown of salary satisfaction:

The grumpiest workers in the UK are based in the East of England (62% of those surveyed felt they were owed a pay rise), closely followed by the East Midlands (60%) and Scotland (60%). At the other end of the scale, employees in the South West were the happiest workers in England, with the North West and London following closely behind.

Londoners topped the charts as the most ambitious workers in the country, with 57% angling for 2015 pay increase. Those in the East Midlands, North West and South East also entertained high hopes of hikes in pay. The UK’s most pessimist employees can be found in the East of England, where the research highlighted the lowest ambitions of a pay rise. Workers in Scotland and Yorkshire & the Humber also indicated a potentially austere 2015 could be on the cards.

Britain’s happiest and unhappiest workers:

Retail staff and lawyers proved the most miserable of all UK workers, two thirds (65%) professing extreme unhappiness with their rate of pay. Six in ten lawyers, however, remain hopeful of further increases, while only four in ten shop assistants hold the same ambitions. Accountants and financiers took third place, despite average advertised salaries of £37,384, 8% above national average earnings of £34,549.

Consultants are the happiest profession in the country, with just one in five voicing complaints about their annual earnings, and half anticipating higher income in 2015 than last year. Workers in the technology and manufacturing sectors rounded out the three happiest lines of work.

Andrew Hunter, Co-Founder of Adzuna, said “With the launch of ValueMyCV, Adzuna is making great strides in promoting fair pay for all, giving  employees across the country the tools to negotiate consummate pay for their skills and experience. From retail assistants in the East to management consultants in the South West, our mission is to make 2015 the year of salary satisfaction for UK workers.”

Check out Value my CV. It calculates how much your skills and experience are worth.

Best of luck with your job search! 

Adzuna Launches ValueMyCV

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At Adzuna, we are pretty thrilled to announce the launch of our latest job hunter tool, ValueMyCV.
Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 09.20.10ValueMyCV is a unique, free tool, which calculates how much your skills and experience are worth based on your CV. The service also automatically suggests improvements to your CV, matches you to relevant jobs based on your skills and creates an interactive career pathway based on your job title.  We recommend you give it a try and find out if you are due a pay rise in 2015!

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 09.53.22

At Adzuna, we are already the market leaders in making UK employment data accessible and understandable to the most important audience of all – you guys. We show salary charts for almost every keyword and location combination on our site, provide the PM and press with Job data, and offer our Jobsworth salary predictor against every ad with no salary.

We’ve now taken this tech and applied it, naturally, to CVs. It’s something everyone wants to know – what’s my market value? Recent research shows that 52% of UK employees believe they are owed a pay rise.  ValueMyCV will tell them if they’re right or wrong to ask the boss for more cash this January – and support their argument with data.

In celebration of the launch of our latest innovative tool for jobseekers, we have gathered together five top tips to make your CV sparkle:

1. Sound Fresh:

New studies have found that a recruiter now spends on average just seven seconds on a CV before deciding whether to put a candidate forward. So, using the right language to help you stand out has never been more important.

It could be as simple as phrasing your skills and achievements in a slightly different way.



Many valuable CVs most often have these rather dull statements.

  • Achieved all targets
  • Led a team of 35 people

Now let us transform these statements to really capture the recruiter’s attention!

Led a team of 35 people to exceed all performance targets.

2. Explain Gaps:

Many candidates we chat to confide to a fear of the employment gap, worrying about the view a hiring manager may take on time out of the world of work. The truth is recruiters are perfectly content to accept a gap in your experience, but  a clear explanation of how you used the time is essential.


Job Hunting through Social Media3. Make Social Media Work For You:

The virtual world plays an ever-increasing role in the recruiting process, with the majority of employers now doing online research on candidates before advancing their application.

Candidates with a stronger chance of success are those who think beyond simply ensuring their social media presence does them no damage. Savvy jobseekers employ blogs, twitter feeds and other social networking tools to help and employer find out more about them – and realise they are the right applicant for the role. Including your social media information on your CV goes a long way towards building a professional profile.

This is also one of those rare occasions when Googling your own name may be a good idea – you can be sure a potential employer will.

4. Rock The Cover Letter:

Candidates often fall into the trap of using the same generic cover letter for all the jobs they apply for. This copy-paste mentality has to stop. You are not generic, so make sure your cover letter tells your future employer exactly why you are the perfect person for this job, and show you understand what the business needs.

5. Use key words

As more and more big companies  employ automated systems for preliminary screening, having the right keywords in your CV is becoming increasingly important. Also, many recruiters use keywords to search out relevant candidates for specific roles.  Having the relevant keywords makes their job easy and they will love you for it.  Give them the correct keywords to help them pick your CV out of the pile.

If we have piqued your curiosity about your pay rise potential, head over to ValueMyCV to upload your CV!

Best of luck on your quest for career excellence!