How To Ask Your New Partner How Much They Earn

Some questions are easier to ask your partner than others, but as freelance journalist Felicity Hannah explains, having a clear idea of your other half's financial situation is important if you're in it for the long-haul.  If you’re worried asking about salary will kill the romance,... Read more

Want to Earn Thousands More? A Driving Licence May Be The Road To Success

New data from job search engine Adzuna has found that almost 100,000 jobs require driving, while job seekers with a driver’s licence could earn thousands more than back-seat jobseekers for equivalent roles. Driver’s Licence Can Lead to Bumper Paychecks Job seekers looking for work... Read more

Adzuna Job Market Report – January 2017

Salaries begin to show signs of increase after recent lull Click to download full report The total number of advertised vacancies fell by 4.8% to 1,109,511 in December – ending three months of growth – according to the latest UK Job Market Report from Advertised average... Read more

7 Interview Outfit Tips Employers Want You To Know

You’ve got a killer CV and are ready for any question an interviewer might throw at you. Now all you need is an outfit that will help the employer really see you as a future employee. These 7 tips are all from people that have recently been hiring for roles - follow this advice and a... Read more

Celebrating Jobs With Movie Posters

This weekend the best of the best in the film industry will be honoured at the 89th Academy Awards in Los Angeles. To mark the occasion, we’ve redesigned some of cinema’s most iconic movie posters to honour some roles that rarely earn trophies - because we think every job deserves a... Read more

5 Amazing Job Tools To Try Right Now

Job searching can be tough, but there are plenty of tools out there to help you. Here, technology writer Gemma Church picks out five of the best tools to help job seekers take the next step on their career path:   In the noise of the online world, it seems impossible to stand out from... Read more

The Deadliest Jobs in The UK – And How Much They Pay

Firefighters put themselves at risk every time they enter a building burning. But the four tragic deaths between 2010 and 2016 means firefighting hasn't even made the list of the UK's most deadly jobs.  To see what the most deadly jobs actually are and how much - or how little they pay... Read more

Drivers and receptionists are most at risk from robot invasion

Over 100,000 currently advertised positions are at very high risk of being obsolete by 2035, according to new data released by jobs search engine Adzuna. Drivers, receptionists and accountants saw the highest number of advertised roles at risk of a robot takeover, as driverless cars and... Read more


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