18 ways to be more positive at work

Right, summer holidays are over. It's time to put away those holiday memories and really focus on work. Not feeling that motivated after all of the fun you had over the summer? Not to worry, here are 18 ways to help you be more positive at work. Start putting these tips into practice and... Read more

How to Perform Well in a Skype Job Interview

Business expert Keith Tully stopped by this week to drop in a few handy hints for successful Skype interviews - check out his handy hints below! More and more job interviews now take place online, via the video calling platform Skype or other tools. They have proven to be a very useful... Read more

Graduate of the Year 2015: the global finalists

After much deliberation, debate and discussion the Adzuna panel of experts have selected our Global Graduate of the Year finalists. These representatives of the cream of the crop will now compete for the worldwide title, and the grand prize: £1000, a star internship, and a CV clinic with... Read more

Most asked job interview questions and how to answer them

The job interview is a integral part of the job search process. You can have the best CV in the world and the best references but if you fluff your lines in the job interview it could well be game over! We've take a look below at some of the most asked questions - and proposed some... Read more

Meet the 2015 Graduate of the Year

With the current highly competitive job market, there are more talented graduates than ever hoping to find a top class work placement, or get a first foot on the employment ladder. The 2015 Adzuna Graduate of the Year competition attracted over 700 applications from talented graduates... Read more

12 annoying characteristics of a horrible boss

Let's be honest - we've all had them in our career. Those bosses that, when the alarm clock goes off, make you just want to pull the duvet over your head and go back to sleep. Horrible bosses can make work feel like a chore and significantly effect how you view a role and indeed a... Read more

Jobs for creatives

Creative jobs not only provide vibrant and stimulating roles but can also be a very smart career choice. Recent research from the US and Nesta has shown that creative job numbers tend to stay buoyant during recessions and are at ‘low or no’ risk of automation. Those in creative jobs... Read more


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