Best British Workplace – Meet Our Finalists: CrowdCube

Founded on the back of a real passion for all things entrepreneurial, CrowdCube's mission is to make it easier to raise money to start and grow a small business. Tasking themselves with taking the arduous process of tracking down investment for small business owners and making it sleek,... Read more

10 Things going through every graduate’s mind right now

After spending the last three years going through a million submissions, squirming your way through with barely any sleep and lots of caffeine, there's nothing you want more than to indulge in some deep slumber in a corner of the planet! From kindergarten to school to university – it... Read more

Do you Make More Money than Mozart?

Once you've found out how much Mozart was worth why not find out how much you're worth with ValueMyCV. Last month we explored what the annual salary of some of history’s most famous scientists would be if they were being paid today. As it was so much fun we decided to revisit the... Read more

Best British Workplace: The Winner Is…

Seven fantastic workplaces were shortlisted, but only one could be chosen as Adzuna’s 2016 Best British Workplace. Picking just one winner from the excellent shortlist would’ve been a terribly difficult task - thankfully we had Robin Klein on hand to help us make the final call. We'd... Read more

Adzuna Job Market Report – June 2016

 Class of 2016 graduates braced for fewer jobs and lower pay This year’s crop of graduates are facing lower pay and fewer positions, as a wider slowdown in the jobs market holds back hiring, according to the latest UK Job Market Report from April saw 12,850 vacancies... Read more

Best British Workplace – Meet Our Finalists: Frog Bikes

Founded three years ago by the lovely John and Shelley, a couple with two small (and very keen!) cyclists for inspiration, Frog Bikes is dedicated to make cycling safe, easy and fun for Tadpoles around the UK. After discovering many of the bicycles they looked at for their children... Read more

6 worst body language mistakes graduates make

So, you're done with university, are looking forward to the summer, applied for a ton of jobs, aiming to find yourself some form of secure employment... and a minuscule number of companies have called you for a face-to-face interview. Great! Except for one tiny thing: the working world... Read more


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