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The 2013 Social Job Search Revolution

In the past few months our incredible data nerds at (our snazzy new) Adzuna HQ have been witnessing something special.  So we decided to conduct a little poll, make a little infographic, and help the nation get down with, what we’re coining as, the Social Job Search Revolution. And the results were truly staggering; over 50% of you now turn to Facebook and Linked in to get hired with a little help from their friends.


The most exciting news is that the average Joe Jobseeker is connected to 300 relevant, available job vacancies through their Facebook mates and LinkedIn colleagues. On top of this a staggering 90% of large UK employers now use social media to find staff. We are all well aware that big companies such as Google, Amazon & eBay have been leveraging social media to find staff for some time now, but the last 12 months have seen an explosion in the number of “non-tech” companies using social media to find staff. Companies such as AstraZeneca, Saatchi and Saatchi and hotel chain Hilton have all launched Facebook groups to increase the rate of job referrals for potential candidates. Marriott International even created a Facebook game to help fill vacancies in 2011.

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