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ValueMyCV – The CV Checker For Students

Getting a job can be tough – especially at the beginning of your career when there can be less to set you apart from the competition.

A good CV makes a positive first impression is an essential step in securing an interview so that your personality and passion can shine.

ValueMyCV helps you make that positive first impression.

What is ValueMyCV?

ValueMyCV is a free CV checker designed to aid you in your job search and career development. To use it, you just need to upload your CV.

The tool helps by


Why is the CV Checker important?

This feature scans your CV for spelling errors, checks you’ve included essential information, and warns you if your CV is too long or too short – to name just a few things.

ValueMyCV uses the same software to scan CVs that larger employers use, so if our tool has trouble reading the information there’s a high chance employers won’t even see your CV.

Why? With the sheer number of applications that some job postings receive, many hiring managers use a programme to scan the CVs they receive to determine whether they want to know more about the applicant.

If your CV has problems – it might not be formatted correctly for example – the CV likely wouldn’t pop up on an employer’s radar and the application process would end before you’d even had a fair chance.

Review all of the details on the CV Checker page to make sure that your CV showcases your skills and abilities. Employers want to know that you’re dedicated and that you pay attention to detail, so even a minor spelling error could be detrimental. 

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Using the ‘Career Paths’ section

After analysing the information found on your CV, the tool can suggest potential careers for you.

We use information from the millions of job vacancies we’ve listed to determine which skills are needed for which roles – these are based on what employers are actually asking for in their job ads.

We then match your skills to job adverts and see where your skills are most sought after. The software will present you with a skill match and show you which of your skills are most needed for certain jobs.

Missing skills

If your match percentage is lower for a career that really interests you, click on that job to see your missing skills.

This can be a great indicator of which skills you need to learn or develop. You can take this information and look into training courses, work experience or volunteering that will help you develop these skills.

Sometimes a missing skill might be something that you already possess but haven’t put in your CV.

‘Assertiveness’ is a skill that is commonly asked for in sales consultant roles for example – knowing this can help you build a CV that a potential employer will love!

Searching for jobs in ‘Your Jobs’

Once you choose the careers that interest you, you can search through our database of live vacancies for the positions that you want to pursue. You can filter jobs by location and salary range to make sure the jobs we show are suitable for you. 

After having a look through current job listings, you can then sign up for email alerts about relevant roles.

After, if you’d prefer not to receive alerts, just click on ‘MyAdzuna’ in the top right corner and select ‘Preferences’ from the drop down menu. From here, you will be able to choose which email alerts you are interested in seeing.

How does the Salary Estimate work?

The tool is well-known for providing a salary estimate based on your CV. For people who have amassed some skills and experience, the salary estimate tool can be very useful.

By taking into account your education, work history and skills, the programme can predict what kind of salary you should be earning. Because younger people might not have as much work experience or as many professional skills to evaluate, making a reliable prediction is more difficult.

The estimate doesn’t affect the other aspects of the tool, so feel free to ignore the number if it isn’t helpful, and don’t worry if it’s very low or high.

While this feature might not be immediately relevant to school leavers or job seekers still in education, you should update your CV and check your value regularly to make sure your skills and experience are being rewarded properly!

Want a better CV? Upload it to ValueMyCV today.