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The Weirdest Job Titles of 2018

Developer Evangelist

We’ve all had work projects that have drained every last morsel of creativity and motivation from our brains. That’s where developer evangelists step in. They live, breathe and preach the world of tech through conferences and product demonstrations – all to get those creative juices flowing in the developer community. Think of them as leading the way to a promise land full of great ideas and snazzy new digital inventions!

Guillotine Operator

As crazy as the title may sound, you’ll be happy to know that guillotine operators don’t carry out 18th century style executions. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any slicing involved. Rather than chopping off heads, operators slice and dice a whole bunch of materials like sheets of steel and paper for manufacturers.

Chef Ninja

If you kick butt in the kitchen and can effortlessly karate chop some carrots then this is the job for you. This role requires someone who is lightning quick when it comes to preparing food and doesn’t might getting their hands dirty to complete their mission – a beautifully presented, delicious plate of food! Unfortunately the samurai sword, black robe and face mask don’t come included in the uniform.

Excellence Consultant

These days, customers demand quality – and not just “good enough” products and services. These guys want the best, and they know how to recognise it. Excellence Consultants are the quality police, and the role centres on helping companies provide the gold standard of products and services to those choosy customers. Far from focused just on the products, the role could include understanding what customers want and need, studying the competition, putting best practice processes in place and advising on communicating to the public.

Data Wrangler

Big data, in today’s job marketplace, is big news. Managers in businesses of all sizes are ever more conscious that knowledge is power, and wranglers step in to help bosses understand all of those pesky facts and figures. Once that data has been wrangled into well-behaved spreadsheets, businesses have all the tools they need to make smart decisions that help them get bigger and better. Fact.

Play Planner

Who would not love being paid to play? Big kids will love this role, planning and running sessions for young children to play the day away. Creativity and a passion for education will put you in good stead to win the Favourite Teacher award in pretty short order.