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Adzuna Job Market Spotlight: Healthcare & Nursing

In the first of our special reports on specific job sectors in the UK, we took a look at the sector with the most live vacancies on Healthcare & Nursing.

The past twelve months have been relatively good for Healthcare & Nursing professionals as a whole, with average salaries increasing ahead of inflation. For the recruiter-side of the equation, rapidly-growing salaries suggests that competition for talent is growing more fierce.

In general, increases in salaries can be because the sector itself is expanding rapidly – and faster than people can be found to fill new vacancies. Or alternatively it can be because the pool of talent is getting scarcer.

In healthcare terms, it would appear that both are happening at the same time. The ageing population in the UK has placed extra demand on healthcare services both in the public and private sector.
Healthcare & Nursing is facing an acute crisis with the demands on the industry posed by an ageing population and decreasing supply of qualified staff to take the vacancies that do exist. We take a look at the data, and explore some of the underlying causes to see why vacancies are declining, and salaries are galloping ahead of inflation.

Download the report here.