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Adzuna Job Market Report – January 2019

Advertised Vacancies Hit Four-Year Low Point

The number of advertised vacancies in the UK is at its lowest point since 2015, according to the Adzuna Job Vacancy Index. This is in contrast to the Office for National Statistics report that vacancies are at an all-time high. The reason for this discrepancy is in the methodology used by Adzuna and the ONS. The ONS’s data is based on a survey conducted over a smaller sample of companies, whereas Adzuna has many more job sources and can analyse the data in real time.

Despite the vacancies falling, average advertised salaries are at a four-year high. The two facts may be related as firms have to pay more to attract the limited talent out there. With competition for jobs at an historic low, and employment at a record high, it’s still a good time to be a jobseeker, but a bad time to be a recruiter.

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