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Top 10 Summer Jobs + Perks!

Summer is just around the corner. For some students, it’s a great time to relax after the many months of working tirelessly towards exams and coursework. For others, it might be time to find a summer job to gain experience and save a bit of money before heading back for the next academic year.

Fortunately, there are many jobs on offer over the summertime that won’t even feel like you’re working on the job at all. To find these jobs, Adzuna used the advanced search tool to search the database for ten appealing summer jobs – and ranked depending on the job perks – to earn that extra bit of money and experience, whilst still maintaining the summer break feeling.

Outdoor Theatre

Being front of house for an outdoor theatre is a perk in itself for theatre lovers. The main responsibilities will be to check tickets, help people to their seats, and sell refreshments and programmes. Due to the nature of a theatre production, the hard work is concentrated before the show starts, the intermission period, and clean-up after the theatre-goers have gone. The rest of the time can be used to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Discounted tickets to other shows and for concession stands are likely, with chances to interact with the actors and production or technical teams on the job.

Concert Staff

A music lover’s dream might be listening to their favourite music and experiencing the concert atmosphere throughout summer and getting paid to do so. Concert staff take on various tasks depending on their role. For instance, some people might be working in customer facing roles, tending the bar or selling merchandise and at the concession stand. Others might expect to be backstage helping with technical matters. All concert staff may be entitled to discounted tickets to shows and performances, as well as discounted merchandise. The potential to see or meet the artists and performers increases also, luckily for those working at shows of their favourite performers.


Those wishing to work at a festival – be it in customer-facing roles or as backstage and technical aid – you can expect to get a variety of perks depending on the type of festival. For example, if you’re working backstage in more technical roles at a music festival, you may get the opportunity to see or meet the artists that are performing. At a food festival, there may be samples of food on offer to try from different corners of the world. Depending on the type of festival, there will typically be a large variety of different stalls to visit during your break hours. Additionally, it’s a good chance to get out of the routine hustle and bustle of the busy city in the height of the sunshine.

Theme Park

When it comes to theme parks, there are over 1,400 vacancies available in different jobs across the parks on Adzuna. You may prefer to go into managing the rides and enforcing the health and safety rules, whilst others may find being a children’s entertainer more appealing. Whichever you choose, you are likely to have the chance to get discounts on merchandise, food, and rides. The partnerships of theme parks and external companies may bring cheaper stay at company-owned hotels, discounted tickets to other parks, or even career training on the job.


Working at a funfair or carnival is sublime, simply for being able to enjoy the atmosphere of happy and excited people. Similarly to jobs in a theme park or festival, the perks of working at a funfair includes having free or discounted tickets on the rides and stalls, interacting with children and people as an entertainer, and discounts on all of the nostalgic treats at concessions stands. During break hours, funfair staff have the opportunity to visit all of the nearby novelty stalls and games.


For sports enthusiasts, there are over 5,000 vacancies on the Adzuna website to become a referee or umpire. If you work one day as a referee for one match, you could score yourself discounted or free tickets to another. Additionally,  if you are budding sportsperson you may also be inclined to work as an umpire or referee to get in with the chance of receiving one-to-one training and using the facilities that the sports club has to offer. Oftentimes, there are also sponsorships from external companies for teams or sports clubs, which may give away discounted products or experiences as part of the partnership.


In the rare case that you will need to dive in for an emergency, lifeguards spent their time poolside, ensuring that rules are abided by for health and safety reasons. With over 900 advertised lifeguide jobs on the Adzuna website, there are ample opportunities to spend your summer poolside, or even beachside. Benefits of lifeguard duties include taking a dip during breaks and getting in exercise alongside work. Discounted facilities and membership to the leisure centre or gym is a privilege given to those working indoors. There is also the advantage of feeling like a hero as you deal with drowning prevention, incidents, and getting on-site CPR training.

National Trust

For lovers of the outdoors away from the routine of city life, working at National Trust sites will be a breath of fresh air. During summertime, the well-preserved sites will be lit beautifully and, as most of the sites are far from the hustle and bustle of the city. The serenity will also be a good contrast to the stress of the academic year. History buffs also have the chance to enjoy learning about the heritage sites and culture behind why these areas are preserved so well, as well as teaching others about it.

Pet Sitter/Dog Walker

There is scientific evidence to support that playing with pets can relieve people from stress and anxiety. After a long period of studying and coursework, a few hours or days pet sitting may help you mentally and physically. Whether you’re bringing a pet into your home as a playmate for a few days, or staying at someone else’s house to look after their pet, pet sitters will always be in good company – who doesn’t love pets? If looking after a pet in particular doesn’t sound appealing, taking a few dogs for a walk for an hour or so can also help to improve cardiovascular health and get some exercise on the job. Dog walking can also attract new people when coming across other dog owners.

Cruise Ship

A big perk of working on a cruise ship is the opportunity to earn money whilst travelling and being able to see different parts of the world. The variety of roles on a cruise ship can cater to a lot of people, from entertainers and performers, to teachers, and chefs – it’s likely that you will find something to do onboard. Exploring the sites and getting your accommodation and catering sorted on a luxury cruise also speaks for itself!

Working during summer break doesn’t need to be a chore. With over 13,000 advertised vacancies offered in total for the aforementioned ten summer jobs, a job that combines work and play in the sunshine is waiting for you over on, teeming with benefits and experiences to bring you away from the stress of student life.