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Adzuna launches Value My Degree

Adzuna - Value my Degree Tool

Value my Degree is a unique, free tool, which calculates how much your degree is worth 5 years after graduating. The tool automatically displays your salary estimate, as well as the top 5 professions graduates move into after completing each course.

We know that choosing the right University and course can be tough, especially when there are so many options to choose from. Value my Degree makes the decision easier for you by allowing you to select a qualification, University and course to get your tailored salary estimate, course comparison and top professions, to allow you to make informed decisions about University choices.


How does it work?

We analysed education and job information from 686,720 UK CV’s, and ran each CV through our ValueMyCV tool to obtain a salary estimate.

Combining all of this data we built a statistical model of your estimated salary based on most recent university, course and years of work experience. We then calculated the expected salary after five years of work experience for all combinations of University and course. This enables the model to estimate the value of hypothetical combinations of universities and course names which don’t currently exist. The tool covers 152 of the 166 institutions across the UK, and 58 courses. Universities were excluded where there was insufficient data to be statistically significant.

As well as looking at university courses, we also extracted the most common professions graduates move into within the first five years of work to help students make the right decisions when it comes to choosing an institution or a course. 


Did you know?

The course with the highest value across all institutions and qualification levels (Bachelor’s, MA or PhD) is Software Engineering, with the vast majority of graduates moving into Web development and App Development roles. The average Web Developer salary is £45,395.

Computer Science is in second place with the majority of graduates to be found in Software Development positions five years after graduating. The degree is an appealing option for students, with the average Software Developer salary standing at £50,568.

Finance degrees round up the top three, with graduates moving into analytical or management roles five years after graduating. 

Course Salary
1 Software Engineering  £37,033
2 Computer Science  £34,088
3 Finance £33,350
4 Electronic Engineering  £33,072
5 Engineering £32,607
6 Business £32,556
7 Mechanical Engineering  £31,033
8 Economics £30,650
9 German £31,269
10 Marketing £30,974


At Adzuna, we ensure that employment data is accessible to everyone. We provide salary charts for every job and location in the UK, we also provide job market data to Number 10, and run the Government’s Universal job match. After the success of ValueMyCV, which has been used by over 1.5 million people, we wanted to support students by creating an easy to use, dynamic tool that provides the information needed to help users make informed decisions. 

Searching for jobs 

Once you have found the roles associated with your degree you can search through our database of live vacancies for the positions that you want to pursue. There are currently 45,311 graduate positions across the UK. You can filter by position, location and salary to find the right roles for you.

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