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5 smart Adzuna tools to help you job search like a super hero

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With job searching being particularly tough in the wake of the covid-19 crisis, we wanted to resurrect this blog from our archives to make sure you have all the tools we can provide to help you find a role. 

At Adzuna, we bring every job in one place so you don’t have to trawl through dozens of different sites.

And we’ve made it as easy as possible to pinpoint your perfect role with a range of tools to help you optimise your hunt and find the perfect job. Here are five of our favourite tools:

1. ValueMyCV – So You Know How Much You Should Be Earning

Before starting your job hunt, it’s good to have an idea of the salary you should be commanding. That’s where ValueMyCV can help. Upload your CV and it’ll give you an estimate of your market value. Our salary stats tool can also give you an idea of what pay you can expect.

As ValueMyCV is based on the same type of software that recruiters use it also makes sure your CV gets seen so you don’t fall at the first hurdle. And it will help you set up alerts for the jobs that are suited to you – not just the ones you think you should apply for.

valuemycv by Adzuna - cv estimation tool - how much are you worth

2. Advanced Search – To Help You Find The Job That’s Just Right For You

You’re not going to settle for any job, so it’s important that you can drill down to your exact requirements for a new role.

You may be looking for contract work or a permanent position, you may want to search for jobs available for a particular company, or you may only work within a specific salary range or certain area.

Advanced search gives you the granularity you need.

For example, if you just search for “developer” in the UK region, you’ll get more than 500,000 jobs suggested. That’s going to take a long time to sort through.

But, if you add “android developer” to the “matching this exact phrase” search field, you’ll get 720 jobs back. Or, you could hunt for “android developer” with at least a £40,000 salary and located in Cambridge. Now, you’ll get 5 jobs back (at time of writing!).

There are thousands of different combinations of requirements that you can unlock with our advanced search so you never have to trawl through hundreds of thousands of job listings again.

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3. Category Filters – To Filter By Sector

When you complete a search, you can drill down even further to find your perfect job using the category filters that appear on the left-hand side of the search results.

For example, if you’re looking at accountant jobs, but you want an accountant job in the manufacturing sector, you can click on the Manufacturing Jobs link on the left-hand side. It’s as simple as that.

4. Email Alerts – So You Never Miss A Job

No one can scour the job listings 24/7 waiting for a specific opportunity to pop up, which is why you need email alerts.

Managing alerts is easy: you can create and delete them from the My Job Alerts page. 

You can also create an email alert directly from a job search. That includes an advanced search so you can really drill down to get alerts on exactly the role you want. Whether you have set up an advanced search for specific phrases, salary limits or locations, the alerts will follow these exact criteria.

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5. Mobile App For iOS and Android – For Job Searching On The Go 

Our mobile app also lets you search for a job on the move. You can save roles that interest you and apply to them later.

That’s an important point. You need to tailor every CV to match the role you’re applying for, and you can’t do that on your smartphone. It makes sense to come back to jobs that pique your interest and give them your full attention.

job seeker using the Adzuna job search app on iOS iPhone 7