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A 5-Step Guide To Better Office Lunches

Whether it’s the pressure to be seen by the boss as ultra-productive or the strangely addictive lure of social media and cat videos, lots of office workers choose to spend their lunches glued to their computers. In fact, a study conducted by Get Britain Standing in collaboration with the British Heart Foundation found that as many as half of us eat sitting at our desks.

Getting away from your desk for a bit of light exercise and a change of environment is just the first in our 5-step guide to better office lunches – scroll down to discover the other 4 steps. We hope the tips help you have a proper (and tasty) break, leaving you refreshed and ready for the afternoon.

What you eat is just as important as where you eat, of course, which is why we’ve also got advice from some top nutritionists and dietitians to help you make healthier decisions – a special thanks to SR Nutrition and Nutrition Coach  for sharing their tips and Nic’s Nutrition for letting us use her delicious Indian Chicken Salad recipe.

A 5 Step Guide To Better Office Lunches Infographic

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