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Adzuna announces new investment – why you should care

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve raised a second round of investment funding for Adzuna.

As a user of our site, why should you care?  Well, the funds raised will let us build even more cool, innovative features like Adzuna Connect, our salary stats or our company insider info, as well as up the rate that we can make all the little improvements we hear from your feedback.  Basically, to make it even easier for you to find the perfect job for you on Adzuna.

They’ll help us expand our services into new segments like property and cars that might be useful to you too.   Our research shows that moving jobs, home and swapping your transport often happen in close succession.  We also want to spread the Adzuna love internationally over time.  And the funds also mean that we don’t have to plaster the site (too much) with advertising in the short term to fund our PG Tips habit.  All good news.

Who are these investors anyway?  Index Ventures is one of the leading VC funds in Europe, they were the guys behind hugely successful businesses like Skype, Betfair, MySQL and many others.  The Accelerator Group were some of the first investors in Wonga, Moo and Zoopla.  And Passion Capital are the people behind QXL Ricardo,, and lots of very cool new businesses … Basically, these folks know something about building great internet companies, and their advice, experience and connections can really help us make our service better and more popular.

Our mission is to make classifieds search better, globally.  This is one small step further along that path.  Please join us on the journey, and help us by giving us your feedback on how we can make Adzuna better every day.