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Adzuna Career Survey 2014: It’s All About You!

Data, Data, Data!

Here at Adzuna, we eat, live and breathe it, in fact we just cannot get enough of the stuff! We collect loads of real time data and job statistics from our site so that we can find out great things about the job market and share them with all you lovely folks. You may not know this, but even David Cameron and his advisors use our stats to keep an eye on the economy, (and you can too, by checking out our API.) It can show you where the jobs are, who is hiring and it can even gestimate salaries through our Jobsworth feature. However, what we can’t tell from all of our statistics, in spite of much head-scratching (because the answer must be out there somewhere), is what people think and how they feel about their careers.

Photo Credit: European Commission

So we had a crafty idea and created a survey to find out. It would be amazing if some of you lovely people out there in the internet universe would fill it out for us and tell us what you think.

Take the survey here.