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Adzuna is now officially in six markets!

Following our expansion into Germany last month, we are hugely excited to tell you we have taken our awesome search engine even further afield. Yesterday we publicly launched our jobs search engine in Brazil, South Africa, Australia and Canada with the aim to transform the way job seekers find work across the globe. POW!

Why these five countries I hear you ask? Canada, Germany, Australia, South Africa and Brazil are all exciting growth markets underserved by existing job search tools. Brazil’s and South Africa’s internet usage has really exploded in the last few years – we’re keen to be part of the growth in internet use in these countries.  Germany, Canada and Australia all have large, mature internet populations so these markets pose their own challenges and opportunities.

Will anything be different? – These new localised sites will look, feel and function in exactly the same way as Adzuna UK, indexing job vacancies found on every job board in the market and mining that data in our unique Adzuna way to provide free access to labour market trends such as pay distribution and regional overview.  Our merry band of global jobseekers will also be able to benefit from Adzuna’s social job hunting tool Adzuna Connect. This tool allows users to get hired with a little help from their friends by signing in via Facebook or LinkedIn to leverage their personal and professional connections to help them get a referral.

What is our objective? – Our objective is simple: to change the way people find jobs by adding powerful search, insightful market data and social connections.  On the data side of things, we also intend to reach out to the national governments and build a similar employment market data dashboard for their leaders in the upcoming weeks! As you may have heard, Adzuna’s data powers the Number 10 Dashboard, used by David Cameron and senior officials to keep track of economic growth on a daily basis.  We plan to offer to build free data dashboard apps for the leaders of all these new markets, in an effort to help governments across the globe with better decision making around the economy. The dashboards will include local job vacancy counts, average salaries, unemployment data, regional hiring patterns and much more.

How do we plan to make this work? – Our initial focus will be on gathering all the jobs in these markets (which isn’t easy!) and building a truly great search engine which users will love to use and tell their friends about. Our technology is incredibly scalable, and London, with its polyglot community, is a great place to base a global business. The labour markets may be different in these markets, but the desire for a simple, easy to use tool (which is what we have built) works across the globe.

What does the future hold for Adzuna? – We’re now present in six markets, so our focus for the next few months will be on nurturing these sites into a useful tool people in these countries will love. You’ll see more international expansion from us in the future, but for the time being UK, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Canada and Brazil will be our focus.


Thanks for all your support and watch this space for more exciting news.