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Adzuna launches ValueMyCV to German market

Following a successful UK launch in 2015, Team Adzuna are pretty thrilled to announce the arrival of their innovative ValueMyCV tool in Germany.

German jobseekers, recruiters, or simply the eternally curious can now upload their CV on and learn their current market value in the German labor market, and see suggestions for how to improve their CV to add  even more value to the recruitment process.

Created by Adzuna’s dedicated team of data science geeks, ValueMyCV in Germany analysed a database of 50,000 CVs, complete with current salary details.  Based on these details, a unique algorithm was developed to determine CV value in the german employment marker.taking into account education, work experience and the key skills as well as location. The result? A statistical estimate of your market value, based on the German jobs market today.

Inja Schneider, Country Manager for Adzuna Germany, commented:Through our work in 11 countries around the world, from the UK to Brazil, we’ve learnt a lot about global recruitment trends and have identified Germany as one of the least transparent labour markets. With over 99% of job ads not including salary information, German jobseekers are often kept in the dark on the true value of the work they do every day, and this is a problem we would love to help solve

“ValueMyCV is in a unique position to help arm German applicants with the information they need to strengthening their position in the recruitment process, and we couldn’t be more excited to be launching in this market.”

Kai Deininger, Managing Director of Recruiters Euro Search GmbH and a former director at LinkedIn Germany adds:Having provided anonymous CVs to assist in the development of this tool, e are thrilled to see it launch in Germany, and are excited to be able to contribute to the cause of salary transparency in the German market“.

ValueMyCV will trigger a revolution in the German employment market, because, with this exciting new tool, anyone can find out in one fell swoop how much he or she is really worth in the job market – a first for Germany and a really exciting development in the HR field in this country,” says the personnel expert Prof. Dr. Walter Gora, a lecturer at the International Business School in Switzerland.

Live now, in beta form, ValueMyCv Germany can be found here.

Looking for the UK tool? Try here.