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Adzuna: The only place you need to go to find a job!

Come one, come all. It’s time to celebrate! Team Adzuna are ecstatic to announce some absolutely amazing news. In fact, before we let you in on our little secret we think it fact be best if you sit down.. Take a deep breath because it’s time for all you jobseekers out there to rejoice and enjoy the job search party. We can’t hold it in any longer! So (cue the drum roll and fanfare please)… Adzuna is proud to declare that for the first time ever, we have over 1 million jobs listed on our website!

GIF Credit: Giphy

So come on you employment hunters, don’t let the quest for jobs get you down! Head on over to our website and search for that exciting job that you have always dreamed of. There really is something for everyone, we have listings for JavaScript ninjas, wine aficionados,  customer heroes, BBQ pit masters, chief happiness officers, inbound call handlers and even one ad for a superhero. The list is (almost) endless. Whether you’re just starting your career or you are looking to make your next move within your field, give Adzuna a go and see if we can help you get to where you want to be!