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Adzuna’s alpha UK job search engine is live

We’re delighted to announce that our UK job search engine is now live in ‘alpha’ testing thanks to lots of hard work from the Adzuna team. You can now use Adzuna to search over 200,000 adverts updated every few hours from some of the top UK job sites all in one place. Our aim is to make it easier for you to find the right job locally.

Adzuna home page - job search

As well as simply including as many ads as we can and making the search fast and easy, there are a few features we’re quite proud of that we wanted to share, we hope you like them too:

1) We save your ‘recent searches’ (on the left hand side of the results page below the search filters) so you can easily find them again
2) We remember the last location you searched for and prepopulate it in the search box
3) If you hover your mouse over any ad, you’ll see little icons that allow you to share that page via email, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn

Over the coming weeks, we’re planning to add lots more ad sources to make the search index really comprehensive. Seven teaching jobs in Gwynedd are just not enough. And we’re going to add even more cool features to make searching easier, to help you stay up to date with new ads as we find them and to integrate your search with your social networks.

What does ‘alpha’ mean? It means we know the site isn’t perfect yet, so we’d love to beg your forgiveness for any problems you find and to get your feedback on what you see so far, how we can improve it, and what else you’d like us to add. Please do try it out and contact us or add your comments below.