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Adzuna’s Climb to the Stratosphere raises over £4,000 for the Amber Foundation

Adzuna’s 2020 Charity Challenge was, as you’d expect, a bit different this year….

We are living in unusual times and I must admit, a big part of me thought with a global pandemic on, 95% of our staff working from home and one of the biggest recessions in living memory, we might want to write off our challenge for this year. I’m so pleased we didn’t. This September staff from around the world took on an almighty step climbing challenge and raised money for the Amber Foundation, a truly remarkable charity who specialise in getting underprivileged people back on their feet and into jobs.

Our aim as a group was simple – raise £3,000 and ‘climb to the stratosphere’. 2.5x the height of Mount Everest and a whopping 50km to the very top of it. Easy, right? 

Given the remote and socially distant nature of the challenge, the team had to get creative with how to tackle the ascent. Staff climbed throughout the day from all corners of the globe – from scaling the Sydney Harbour Bridge & summiting the Acropolis, to hitting the StairMaster in the local gym and pounding the hills in South London, the creativity shown was awesome. Top prize for thinking outside of the box must go to our office manager Bobbie, who recorded a ridiculous 800m of ascent at her local climbing wall (photo below). That’s the height of 2 Empire State Buildings or the entire Burj Khalifa in Dubai! 

All told, the team recorded 26,635 metres of ascent. Not quite to the top of the stratosphere, but a phenomenal effort. What’s more, we blew our fundraising target out of the water, chalking up £4,366 for the Amber Foundation. Our legs are still sore, but we certainly all feel proud to have done our bit for young people during this very challenging period. 

Until next year, folks. Thanks again for your fantastic support.