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Adzuna’s search engine just advanced

We’re filled with slightly geeky excitement to announce the launch of Adzuna’s Advanced Search for jobs. This is a massive step forward for what users can do on Adzuna, and for classifieds search in general.

Adzuna is all about finding order in chaos. We bring together millions of ads from hundreds of different sources, and use our jedi-like tech to find structure in that data.

Unlike generalist search engines like Google, we let you filter job, car or housing results on criteria that fit the type of ad you’re looking for, so you can find the gold fast.

With Advanced Search, we’re giving you the power to find *exactly* what you’re looking for (and get alerts too), the kind of power that was previously reserved for our database nerds. Through our new Advanced Search forms in jobs you can now bring a laser-like focus to your search – and the email alerts you can register for – through a raft of new features, including …

Phrase search: Looking for a needle in a haystack? Certainly!

Keyword exclusions: Want a CEO job but no assistant ads? Sorted!

Keywords in title: Need ads that mention recruitment consultant only in the job title? We got yer back!

Try advanced search out now for jobs – and set up an email alert for your own personal search criteria – then let us know what you think or how we can make it even better.

We’re proud to have completed another big step on Adzuna’s mission to make finding a job, home or car better.  All the ads in one place – check.

Get help from your social network – check.  Market insight from stats – check.  And now even more seriously powerful search than ever before.

With great power comes great responsibility.  Use it wisely young padawan.