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Hiring for Carers? Here’s the lowdown

Care covers a wide range of roles with a degree of complexity, and is so often unfairly called “unskilled” when in fact the variety of skills needed to do the job are as wide as any job. For care home managers, and care coordinators who are looking to manage care facilities and staff, it’s important Continued »

Hiring for Cleaners? Here’s what you need to know.

If you’re hiring for cleaners and the associated support staff, then we have a clean sweep of statistics and key facts for you, including the top paying jobs, the most popular job titles, and job titles that are growing and declining the most. The top 5 most popular jobs by title: Managing the various staff Continued »

Adzuna – Job Market Report August 2019

Advertised vacancies have dropped 6.3% year on year but grown 4.3% month on month we experience a bit of a summer bounce that goes against the long term trend. Salaries are beginning to fall after a long period of growth, which hopefully doesn’t spell bad news for the UK workforce. Northern Ireland is the only Continued »

The key facts and stats for hiring drivers

If you’re looking to hire staff for driving jobs, we’ve got the key stats for you. Which jobs are seeing an increase in demand, which are seeing a boost in average salary, here’s the lowdown.  The top 5 most popular jobs by title: Clearly far more people are needed to actually do the driving than Continued »

Recruiting for Retail staff – the job market data

Retail has been having a few issues with the market changing and certain businesses struggling. There have been a number of high profile retailers shutting their doors for the last time, and so it’s particularly interesting to dig a little beneath the surface and see what’s happening with the particular job types that make up Continued »

Recruiting for Caterers and Restaurant Staff – the key stats

Hospitality and Catering roles cover a lot of different sub industries, so grouping them together can sometimes be a little misleading as chefs and hotel receptionists have quite different experiences from business to business. Nevertheless that’s what we’ve tried to do, by giving you a breakdown of some of the highlights from the world of Continued »

Hiring for Logistics & Warehouse Staff? Arm yourself with the stats

As employers for Logistics and Warehouse staff, you have to contend with increase pay of 5.4% year on year, which is above the national average, while the number of vacancies has dropped considerably. This could be a decline in the market as Brexit looms, and fewer businesses are hiring, while fewer candidates are looking. Whatever Continued »

Adzuna – Job Market Report June 2019

Advertised vacancies have seen notable declines this month, with losses impacting jobseekers across the UK. As we approach a summer slowdown in recruitment, this stagnation in vacancies is likely to continue. With record levels of employment, salaries have maintained at their high level despite a slight monthly dip. Read the full report to see the Continued »

Adzuna – Job Market Report May 2019

Average Pay Up £3k in 2 years Average advertised salaries are up by just over £3,000 in two years, and are fast approaching the £36,000 mark, representing the highest level since Adzuna started measuring this in 2012. Elsewhere, Hospitality and Catering jobs are at the forefront of a vacancy increase, and Sunderland has become an Continued »

Top 10 Summer Jobs + Perks!

Summer is just around the corner. For some students, it’s a great time to relax after the many months of working tirelessly towards exams and coursework. For others, it might be time to find a summer job to gain experience and save a bit of money before heading back for the next academic year. Fortunately, Continued »