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How to use soap to make your vacancy stand out

Making your vacancy stand out is all about eyeballs – and soap. With unemployment at 4% and the number of jobseekers per vacancy down to an average of just 0.29 nationally, it’s a buyer’s market for jobs. We’ve spent some time trying to explain how recruiters can learn from consumer marketers, and how candidates are Continued »

Adzuna Job Market Report – January 2019

Advertised Vacancies Hit Four-Year Low Point The number of advertised vacancies in the UK is at its lowest point since 2015, according to the Adzuna Job Vacancy Index. This is in contrast to the Office for National Statistics report that vacancies are at an all-time high. The reason for this discrepancy is in the methodology Continued »

How to keep rejected candidates happy – and why you should

Technological change is at once making recruitment easier and more challenging. If this sounds contradictory, think about the early stages of finding the right candidate for a role. Thanks to search engines, websites, and social media, we can attract hundreds of applications at the click of a mouse. Yet, that means hundreds of applications to Continued »

Adzuna Job Market Report – September 2018

UK Pay and Advertised Vacancies Fall Again, Wages Down For 4th Consecutive Month The number of advertised vacancies across the UK has still not fully recovered from its slump in December 2017, according to the Adzuna Job Vacancy Index. The sluggish growth since the start of the year has stalled, with a monthly decline of Continued »

Retail Vacancies down 21.6% year on year as high street suffers

With regular news about retailers facing administration and profit warnings aplenty, it is perhaps no surprise that the number of advertised vacancies in the retail sector is down 21.6% year on year, falling from an average of 31,007 in July 2017, to just 24,400 in June 2018. Meanwhile average salaries are growing slowly in absolute Continued »

Adzuna Job Market Report – July 2018

Competition for jobs has hit a five-year low as the job market favours the jobseeker even more. More good news for jobseekers is that salaries are up 3.8% year on year, with Admin jobs being the biggest winners, and Graduate jobs on the decline. You can read the full story in the job market report Continued »

Adzuna Job Market Spotlight: Healthcare & Nursing

In the first of our special reports on specific job sectors in the UK, we took a look at the sector with the most live vacancies on Healthcare & Nursing. The past twelve months have been relatively good for Healthcare & Nursing professionals as a whole, with average salaries increasing ahead of inflation. For Continued »

How To Ensure Culture Fit When You’re Hiring At Volume

Hiring for cultural fit is important in retaining staff and maintaining corporate performance. But how do you ensure good cohesion within volume recruitment? Does it matter? I’m in a hurry… When you need hundreds or even thousands of employees fast, it’s tempting to just list the skills you need and get those vacancies out there. Continued »