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Adzuna is the number one job search engine used by job boards

We’re delighted that for the second year in a row we have come out as the top job search engine used by job boards according to the 2020-21 Recruiting Sites Survey conducted by the JobBoardDoctor.  Adzuna is used by 69% of the survey respondents, 20% more than the nearest competitor.  Especially in these difficult times, Continued »

Ultimate Guide to Landing a Job this Autumn

The Job Retention Scheme in the UK is due to come to an end on the 31st October. At that point companies who have used the scheme to keep their employees paid will have to make a decision about whether to bring their furloughed employees back to work. What is almost certain is that there Continued »

Covid-19: How should job adverts change?

Covid-19 has thrown a grenade into the job market. Vacancies are down –  in the US job market, 34% down from its normal level, and the UK is down 52%. But as vacancies start to recover, and more businesses look to hire, what do employers need to consider when writing job advertising?   The jobseeker perspective Continued »

Upskilling: Advantages, importance and choosing the course for you

Upskilling has been a buzzword for a couple of years now, and it is especially relevant in the current situation where many are looking for an opportunity to improve their skills and make sure they have an edge in the job market. What you’ll learn in this article The difference between reskilling and upskilling Why Continued »

Career U-turn: Retraining and career change

Many of us have been having these thoughts lately more than ever – am I in the right career? Should I consider a different path? And ultimately – what should I do with my life when the usual ways of survival collapse and it is unclear which industries will keep thriving. What you’ll find in Continued »

How to hire remotely

Remote working is very “of the moment” for obvious reasons, but there is a general feeling that it might become one of the main features of working today that will last beyond the virus. Businesses that have typically been resistant to remote working have been forced to embrace it, and the general sense is that Continued »

What’s changed about job search behaviour?

We’ve spoken a lot about how the job market has changed in terms of vacancies and salaries and what’s available for jobseekers. However, there is a whole other side to explore – what the jobseekers themselves are looking for, and how that has changed since coronavirus. There are plenty of expected changes – a spike Continued »

Why Programmatic Recruitment Matters More Than Ever

Coronavirus is a shock to the system across the whole economy. For Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Advertising it’s changing the game, but we think that change will result in something more permanent: widespread adoption of programmatic recruitment platforms. Why do we think that? Glad you asked. We decided to put pen to paper and write Continued »

The Highest Paying Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

Our recent study into graduate pay found that Imperial College London is the university to attend if you want to earn the highest salary in your first year of work. Earning the big bucks isn’t the sole reserve of university leavers of course – but which jobs that don’t require a degree are likely to Continued »