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100 Teachers That Changed The World

Every teacher has a huge impact on the students that come through their doors each morning, but the very best have an impact that goes far beyond their classroom. To celebrate International Teacher’s Day, we’ve put together a list of extraordinary teachers that have changed the world (or at least their little part of it). Continued »

The Free CV Review with a Difference

Ever get the feeling you’re undervalued in the job you do?  We can empathise.  Most of us will, at some point, suspect we’re being underpaid for the amount we do.  If you’ve ever wondered just how much your skills and experience are really worth to your employer, you’ve now got the chance to find out Continued »

Adzuna Raises Over £6,000 For Cancer Charity

Team Adzuna is happy to report that your generous donations for our charity Pedibus challenge saw us smash our £5,000 target to raise £6,201 for The Pickering Cancer Drop In Centre in Kent. The charity was chosen specifically for being a “pillar of support” to Adzuna co-founder Andrew Hunter, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in October 2015. Continued »

How to Negotiate Your Starting Salary

Some of us are better at talking money than others, but negotiating your starting salary can be a particularly tricky and awkward conversation to have.   Employers will rarely – if ever – offer a higher starting salary without a little bit of arm-twisting, so it’s crucial you know how much your skills and experience Continued »

How much should I be earning?

At some point we’ve probably all had a sneaky suspicion we’re being underpaid and undervalued – but how do you find out how much you should be earning?   Is your salary below, at, or exceeding the average, and does it fully take account of the skills and experience you bring to your role? The Continued »

Things You Didn’t Know About Jobseeking Abroad

Jobseekers in the UK probably have a good idea about what they should include in their CV and how they can be expected to behave in an interview.  But do these same rules apply in different countries?A basic understanding of the local job market is essential if you want the best chance of landing a Continued »

Which University Degrees Are Worth The Most?

With thousands of students graduating over the summer months and bagging shiny new graduate jobs many young people will be looking forward to their first post-university paycheck. But which graduates will have the biggest pay packet? To find out, we took a look at over 155,000 CVs belonging to graduates in their first five years Continued »