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The Weirdest Job Titles of 2018

Developer Evangelist We’ve all had work projects that have drained every last morsel of creativity and motivation from our brains. That’s where developer evangelists step in. They live, breathe and preach the world of tech through conferences and product demonstrations – all to get those creative juices flowing in the developer community. Think of them Continued »

Royal Baby Name – What Will It Be?

Princely Potential: Baby Albert Would Command Highest Real-World Salary The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge might want to consider how the name they choose for the new Royal Baby could affect their offspring’s future earning potential, with Alberts and Arthurs earning the most, according to new research by jthe super smart chaps here at Adzuna. The Continued »

Adzuna Wins Contract for Universal Jobmatch service

Adzuna is delighted to announce it has been awarded the contract to replace the UK government’s job search platform, Universal Jobmatch. Helping to Get Britain Working Following a competitive procurement process, the company will be providing the new service from Q2 2018.  As one of the largest online government services, Universal Jobmatch connects millions of Continued »

Where Are All The UK Apprenticeships?

A new report from Adzuna has revealed where the most apprenticeship vacancies are based, how much they pay, and which sectors offer the most opportunities. The study used data from over 1 million job vacancies listed on Adzuna and found that: 8,400 apprenticeship vacancies were advertised, but long way to go to meet government target Continued »

Where Are The Highest Paying Postcodes In The UK?

Analysis of over 200,000 job vacancies by Adzuna has revealed the postcode areas where advertised average salaries are highest, and therefore where jobseekers are most likely to pocket the biggest paycheck.* Scroll down or click here to view our postcode salary map. London Postcodes Pack A Punch Unsurprisingly, London postcodes came out on top of the Continued »

Adzuna Job Market Report – January 2018

  UK average advertised salaries hit 19-month high Average UK advertised salaries have reached their highest figure since May 2016, according to our smart data guys here at Adzuna. The 1.9% improvement in the year to December means the average advertised wage is now £32,940. Following an ongoing pay squeeze, UK average salaries are starting Continued »

The Deadliest Jobs in The UK – 2018

When you think of the deadliest jobs in the UK, you may think of the roles that require people to put their lives on the line everyday. Firefighters, police officers, security guards – easy right? Not quite. We’ve combined Adzuna’s own data on advertised salaries with the latest fatality data from the Health and Safety Executive Continued »

The Languages That Pay the Most in Finance

Following our recent study into the highest paying languages in tech, the Adzuna team thought it would be a great idea to scope out how well different languages pay in an industry that is all about the figures – the finance sector. With Brexit talks now well underway, have the big banks started investing their bucks elsewhere or do Continued »

The Coolest Uniforms On The High Street

Social media had some fun this month, as Sainsbury’s tweeted in response to the news that an online fashion retailer was selling a £70 Puma hoodie that looked strikingly similar to its staff uniform. Inspired by the overlap between work uniforms and fashion, Adzuna decided to take a look at what other companies have uniforms that Continued »

ValueMyCV – The CV Checker For Students

Getting a job can be tough – especially at the beginning of your career when there can be less to set you apart from the competition. A good CV makes a positive first impression is an essential step in securing an interview so that your personality and passion can shine. ValueMyCV helps you make that Continued »