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Best British Workplace – Meet Our Finalists: HelloFresh


Launched in 2012 by Ed Boyes and Patrick Drake, HelloFresh – a company based in London – delivers boxes full of ingredients along with innovative recipes straight to your doorstep, so you can whip up a delicious meal by yourself. With a passion for food, they believe that cooking isn’t something that should be restricted just to experts and enthusiasts, but open to everyone – and we should have access to the best ingredients along with tips on what and how to cook. What started off with packing ten bags a day from head chef Patrick’s living room, today sees the team packing thousands of boxes a day, ensuring that households across the country receive a box of culinary treasures to cook and enjoy.

Head chef Patrick works alongside his team creates new recipes with photos of every step of making that delicious and nutritious meal. Who wouldn’t fancy a personalised cooking lesson right from the comfort of their own homes? Their idea is for them to do all the thinking and planning, while you do the cooking and eating. Sounds pretty good to us, to be honest!


HelloFresh comes to your rescue when you’re pressed for time and saves you the trouble of running through aisles of a supermarket wondering what to buy. Instead, you could get a HelloFresh box delivered straight to your doorstep with freshly picked ingredients from the shelves. The bonus here is that there’s no wastage because they pack the exact amount of ingredients you need – nothing more, nothing less. How amazing is that? And to top it all, the box is delivered to you at no extra cost. Sounds quite tempting, doesn’t it?

Boasting an office environment that’s like “working alongside your ever-growing, inspirational and dynamic family’’, they really do think, live and work like a family. The heart of their office is their kitchen (surprise, surprise!) which is constantly buzzing with the rumble of the coffee machine and their favourite sound of all – people’s laughter. They must have a lot of jokes up their sleeves then, we say! Lunchtimes at the office feel much like a family home where everyone sits at the table together and eats a no points for guessing here scrumptious HelloFresh meal whilst chatting through the latest ingredients  they can add to their boxes.

HF 2

With a bustling and lively environment, they know just how to keep their employees happy. Where else would you have someone cut short a team meeting so all the employees could get together to go baguette jousting in the corridor? They’ve also got the Breakfast Hack where all the HelloFreshers from across various teams get together over a delicious breakfast. It gives their super hard-working employees a little break and a chance to have some fun, which means a happier work force.  A HelloFresher tells us, ‘’Joining HelloFresh was like finding the missing piece to a jigsaw. The environment here is adventurous, entrepreneurial and positive; three key characteristics I seek out everywhere I go. We have an incredibly ambitious mission to change the way people eat, forever! So you can imagine we have incredibly talented teams working restlessly to make this happen and it’s my job to keep them happy and inspired whilst they do this. What an absolute honour!’’

The company likes to constantly engage with its customers too and regularly invites them over to the Fresh Farm (as they charmingly dub their London head office) and will sometimes even cook up a storm in the kitchen with them!

hf 3

Often described by their employees as a company that’s fun, exciting, fast-paced, progressive, happy, interesting, and challenging, HelloFresh currently is hiring across various departments in 7 countries. Some of the vacancies currently up for grabs include Business Data Analysts, Customer Care Representatives, Financial Analysts, HR Assistants etc. You can find the full list of jobs here.

And if you wondered what makes a good candidate, worry not, because we already did the job for you. We asked HelloFresh and they gave us the lowdown – someone with strong commercial acumen teamed with a strong academic background, thrives in a collaborative environment, has the entrepreneurial gene in them with bundles of energy, enthusiasm, commitment and of course, a great sense of humour. If you think that sounds like you, get on Adzuna to look for more vacancies at HelloFresh. Glad to help, as always.

Once again, congratulations to the shortlisted finalists and good luck!

The winner of the Best British Workplace award will be announced on June 6. 

Jobs at HelloFresh