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Congratulations to Bibata, our Student of the Year 2018!

We received thousands of entries from all over the world for our Student of the Year 2018 competition. As the standard of applicants rises every year, the expert panel are finding it increasingly difficult to decide on a winner for the coveted title and multitude of amazing prizes. After much deliberation and debate, the panel have come to a conclusion, with one candidate standing out among the rest.

So, without further ado, we are pleased to announce our Student of the Year 2018:

Bibata Amadou Sala Assane

Bibata is currently studying for a double diploma in Energy and Environment at Polytech Annecy-Chambéry in France and Water and Sanitation at the International Institute of Water, Engineering, and Environment at Burkina Faso.

She chose her specialty after witnessing the difficulty that people have with finding safe and accessible drinking water in her native country, Niger. Her dream is to become a Research Engineer in water treatment and environment. She hopes to work on research surrounding sustainable clean water solutions and projects that provide access to safe water in more remote areas.

Alongside her studies, Bibata took part in two leadership programs in America: the Youth Leadership Program for French-speaking Africa and the Women to Women Leadership Program. Our panel was also impressed by her achievement of winning third prize in the Young Ambassadors Program last year, where she worked on a project to prevent the spread of malaria.

Here are her thoughts on winning the esteemed title and prizes:

How does it feel to be Adzuna’s ‘Student of the Year 2018’?
I didn’t expect to win this prize. There are a lot of people who participated in the competition and are equally as deserving. Winning this award does not make me superior, but I see it as a reward for a student who wakes up every morning fighting to achieve her goals and dreams.

What will your prize money go towards?
For the moment, I’ll use part of the reward money to fund my last year of university. As for the rest, I will take careful consideration to ensure that it will be used wisely.

What’s the biggest step you’ve taken to achieving your dream job so far?
My mother always told me to “work hard, do not give up. Always strive to achieve your goals and success will come”. Following this advice has helped me to progress throughout my career. When I want to learn about all of the processes that can provide quality water, this advice has helped me overcome the various challenges that I had to face.

What do you hope to learn during your internship?
I hope to understand how water treatment, routing, and monitoring techniques work from the source to the consumer.

Congratulations, Bibata!