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Coolest offices 2016 edition: London vs. the rest of the UK

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We’ve all heard of the swanky offices in Silicon Valley that everybody wants to work at, but the UK is filled with just as many incredibly designed work spaces.

While the first city that comes to mind when you think of these cool spaces we’re talking about might be London, there are other parts of the UK adorned with some of the coolest offices in the country. To prove it, we’ve decided to pit London vs. the rest of the UK in our 2016 round up of the coolest offices.

Think you’ve seen it all? You’re in for a treat and also for a massive bout of jealousy – with private beaches, personalised Starbucks, swimming pools, quirky meeting rooms, office slides and more in store.

The Coolest Offices in London 2016

The Coolest Office in the UK 2016



Who: They’re a design company which prints some of the coolest business cards in town. Also allows their clients to customise designs via their website.

Where: Shoreditch

Why it’s cool: It’s a large warehouse style office which is filled with colour. Even the books in their library are organised by colour instead of name! They’ve got a vintage telephone placed randomly on a wall (amongst other random wall hangings) – We think it’s actually pretty darn cool.

Coolest Offices 2016 - MOO Design Library

Coolest Offices 2016 - MOO Reception Area

Coolest Offices 2016 - MOO Work Space

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Who: They’re a fast-growing and young data company with over 12 offices over the world. They call themselves the meeting point of big data and big ideas.

Where: Paddington

Why it’s cool: The office has been designed to reflect the Paddington area in which it resides. There’s custom graffiti galore in Splunk’s office and they also have a vintage carriage meeting room. This might just be one meeting we wouldn’t want to get out of!

Coolest Offices 2016 - Splunk Boardroom

Coolest Offices 2016 - Splunk Reception Area

Coolest Offices 2016 - Splunk Meeting Space

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Who: Airbnb is an online marketplace that allows people to list, find and then rent vacation homes. With over 1,500,000 listings in 34,000 cities and 191 countries, it has taken the travel and tech industry by storm.

Where: Clerkenwell

Why it’s cool: Working with architecture firm Threefold, Airbnb’s new office (they moved in January) takes “typical components of historic British settlements — the farm, the green, the market, the library, the terrace — and [distills] their key spatial and social characteristics to create a microcosm of such a community”.
Coolest Office 2016 - Airbnb Village Green

Coolest Office 2016 - Airbnb Farmhouse Kitchen

Coolest Office 2016 - Airbnb Meeting Space

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Who: They’re a leading independent creative agency network who have been responsible for those catchy Stella Artois ads.

Where: Shoreditch

Why it’s cool: Their employees have 250ft concrete tables as desks and the office encourages them to move around as much as possible. They also have super cool ‘thinking spaces’ with rugs and armchairs. We’re guessing this works because this space has given rise to some incredibly creative ideas. Apart from this, there are framed photos of the employees’ mums adorning the walls. How cute!

Coolest Offices 2016 - Mother - Independent Creative Agency Office Space

Coolest Offices 2016 - Mother Office Space

Coolest Offices 2016 - Mother Office Space

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Wieden & Kennedy 

Who: They’re an independent, creatively driven advertising agency that has created brand campaigns for Arla, TKMaxx, Halls, Honda, Sainsburys and Nike to name a few.

Where: Spitalfields

Why it’s cool: Want to unwind or just spend some quiet time by yourself? This office has green cushioned walls, games consoles, built-in TV and even cuddly toys if you’re having a particularly stressful day! If you do want to join them, you might want to equip yourself with some art skills first because every new joiner is given a blank canvas to paint something on… which is then hung up in their reception for the world to see.

Coolest Offices 2016 - Wieden & Kennedy Space

Coolest Offices 2016 - Wieden and Kennedy Office Space

Coolest Offices 2016 - Wieden and Kennedy Office Space

Coolest Offices 2016 - Wieden & Kennedy Office space

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Who: They’re an independently owned advertising agency and call themselves “the home of good works, where what goes around comes around”. They’re also the largest independent communications agency in the UK with over 260 employees.

Where: Farringdon

Why it’s cool: Nope, you haven’t entered a retro disco, it’s the headquarters of Karmarama with an illuminated passage which plays out a D.I.S.C.O. soundtrack. You could literally boogie into office every morning and you won’t be judged for it. The office also brews its own beer, making it home to the smallest pub in London.

Coolest Offices 2016 - Karmarama

Coolest Offices 2016 - Good Karma This Way sign

Coolest Offices 2016 - Karmarama office

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Who: Smarkets is an online investment platform that facilitates honest, user-centered trading in regard to sports, politics and current events.

Where: St. Katharine Docks

Why it’s cool: Bright and spacious office with semi-private offices and open spaces where their employees can move their desk because they all have wheels! They’ve got a balcony that goes all the way round the office, giving them a nice view in the summer. Two chefs prepare freshly cooked lunches and breakfasts while everyone eats together to encourage collaboration among different teams.

Coolest Offices 2016 - Smarkets kitchen space

Coolest Offices 2016 - Smarkets
Coolest Offices 2016 - Smarkets meeting spaces

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Who: They believe cooking isn’t something that should be restricted to just experts and enthusiasts, but open to everyone – which is why they deliver boxes full of ingredients along with innovative recipes straight to your doorstep, so you can whip up a delicious meal by yourself.

Where: London

Why it’s cool: They have an uber cool cooking school space – which creates an unique environment for teams to come together and bond over food. They’ve also cleverly designed bleachers that double up for solo working spaces, ad hoc meeting areas and the perfect place for weekly team meetings. The office is also armed with pallett cladded columns throughout.

Coolest Offices 2016 - HelloFresh bar tops
Coolest Offices 2016 - HelloFresh meeting space


Coolest Offices 2016 - HelloFresh Bleachers

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Here’s What the Rest of the UK has to Offer

Campus North  

Who: Campus North is recognised as one of the best co-working and event spaces for tech meetups, startups and established businesses in Europe. They’re home to Ignite, the UK’s leading angel-led accelerator programme for ambitious digital startups. They offer hot-desking, co-working, meeting and teaching space everyday. Apart from that, they host lots of community events and have a lot of workshops for children.

Where: Newcastle

Why it’s cool: Their office spaces are designed to cater to a large number of companies and their needs. With colourful walls and superhero paintings in different corners of the office, it’s a good reminder for the employees about their superpowers!

Coolest Office 2016 - Campus North Conference Space

Campus North Office Picture

Coolest Office 2016 - Campus North Group Picture

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OVO Energy 

Who: They’re an energy supply company and began trading energy in September 2009, buying and selling electricity and gas to supply domestic properties throughout the UK.

Where: Bristol

Why it’s cool: All of OVO’s meeting rooms are inspired by different innovators and entrepreneurs – and they even have a treehouse complete with a slide, a ski base camp and a green living moss wall in their atrium. Their aim is to be as energy efficient as possible, whilst providing an imaginative, creative space for their 1,000 strong employee base.

Coolest Offices 2016 - OVO energy space with telephone wall

Coolest Offices 2016 - OVO Energy Base Camp

Coolest Offices 2016 - OVO Energy Canteen - Indoor Garden

Coolest Offices 2016 - OVO Energy Canteen

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Who: They’re an outsourcing call centre that leads the UK telephone answering services and outsourced switchboard market.

Where: Wrexham

Why it’s cool: They’ve got one of the most acoustically innovative buildings in the country, which uses a combination of bespoke sound absorption and elimination technology. Their sound engineers have created the perfect environment to handle calls. The office also comes with a village pub and treehouse – which is used for meetings, nature trails and vegetable gardens.

Coolest Offices 2016 - MoneyPenny Office Building

Coolest Offices 2016 - MoneyPenny Treehouse

Coolest Offices 2016 - MoneyPenny Giraffes
Coolest Offices 2016 - Table Tennis

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Who: Skyscanner is Europe’s leading flight search engine with over 25 million unique visitors per month.

Where: Edinburgh

Why it’s cool: The office covers an area of 8,500 sq. metres spread over two storeys. Staying true to their roots, their reception desk is set upon part of an old airplane wing. Even their conference rooms are designed to look like the inside of an airplane. The other meeting booths are named after different countries, so every time their employees have meetings, they’d say something like “Meet me in France!” They’ve also got the much loved yellow room – which is their thinking zone – employees go there to come up with ideas without the fear of someone shutting them down.

Coolest Offices 2016 - Skyscanner Reception Area

Coolest Offices 2016 - Skyscanner Meeting Space

Coolest Offices 2016 - Skyscanner Table Tennis

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Who: Online car rental service who are responsible for over 5 million car rentals each year.

Where: Manchester

Why it’s cool: With a swanky space spread across 38,000 sq. ft., each floor has its own unique theme ranging from world cars, road trips, drive-in movies and metropolis. To top that, there are quirky meeting rooms within each of these floors – themes include Manchester, James Bond, Las Vegas and Back to the Future – as they believe this is a good way to keep their staff energised. They also have an open air cinema where employees can catch the latest flicks or play the PS4. Think that’s amazing? Hold on, they’re got their own beach on the top floor of the office with its own beach huts, pool table and a Starbucks. (We’re jealous!)

Coolest Offices 2016 -

Coolest Offices 2016 -

Coolest Offices 2016 -

Coolest Offices 2016 -

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Manc Frank

Who: MancFrank is a boutique PR agency that “loves getting a reaction”. Some of their clients include Weetabix, Ribena, RFL, Lucozade, Ideal Home Show and Burger and Lobster amongst others.

Where: Manchester

Why it’s cool: The 1850 sq. ft. office reflects a positive space creativity and also mirrors the city’s love for football – with a seating area designed for meetings where one side is painted blue and the other is red – something which becomes a talking point when clients come over. They wanted each area of the office to be a talking point and have made every effort to make that happen including filling corners of the office with large amounts of hay to create a barn, which they use as meeting rooms. The office also has multiple references to Manchester’s culture and heritage with murals of the worker bee and quotes on the walls.

Coolest Offices 2016 - Manc Frank Meeting Space [Blue Manchester City vs. Red Manchester United]

Coolest Offices 2016 - Manc Frank Meeting Room

Manc Frank Sofa

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BBC North Office 

Who: British Broadcasting Corporation is a public service broadcaster. (Needs no introduction)

Where: Salford Quays

Why it’s cool: A workspace that emulates a thriving urban neighbourhood, the BBC North has designed a variety of shared spaces and amenities – just like you’d find in the city. With over 3000 employees in the buildings, the Quay House is popular for its colourful meeting pods, which allow for employees to collaborate. What’s cool is that it even doubles as a studio space, providing a wonderful backdrop to the various broadcasts. Something to look out for – MediaCity UK, the site they’re based on, is set to double in size by 2026 with ten new buildings and 1,400 new properties.

Coolest Offices 2016 - BBC Media City

Coolest Offices 2016 - BBC Media City Salford

Coolest Offices 2016 - BBC Media City Salford

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