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Covid-19 continues to hit manufacturing industry as job vacancies fall by 58%


As the UK enters its fifth week of lockdown, the Coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt the job market, with manufacturing the latest industry to see a huge decline in vacancies. We have analysed the latest global job market data to assess which industries have been worst affected this week. 

The latest findings show that the UK has lost 49% of advertised vacancies year-to-date, marking an additional 7% decline since this time last week. This figure means the UK continues to be the worst-hit when it comes to job vacancy reduction worldwide, followed closely by the US (-42%), South Africa (-38%) and India (-37%).

Manufacturing vacancies have also suffered continually throughout the outbreak, and have now seen a 58% decrease compared to nine weeks ago. There are currently 5,513 manufacturing jobs currently live on Adzuna, just 1.2% of the overall listed vacancies, which is a huge 79% decrease from the 25,9990 manufacturing jobs that were advertised on site this time last year. 

Although a key service, teaching jobs have still been heavily impacted in the UK, with a 19% reduction in total advertisements compared with nine weeks ago. And despite many warehouses still remaining open across the country, vacancies in logistics and warehouses are down 55% compared to nine weeks ago. Customer services job advertisements also continue to dwindle and have fallen by 62% overall, a huge 11% decrease since last week. 

The hospitality and catering industry continues to be the biggest casualty in the UK job market, losing 79% of overall vacancies compared to this time nine weeks ago, a further 5% decrease from last week. Other industries that have been heavily impacted in the UK include energy (-73%), admin (-70%), sales (-70%) and HR and recruitment (-69%).


Domestic workers and cleaning jobs (+5%)

Open vacancies in the UK – 8,496

Demand for cleaners, domestic workers and hospital cleaning staff remains high across the UK as the UK enters its fifth week of lockdown. Although vacancies have dropped from 9,773 to 8,496, the industry remains the only one to see an upward trend in vacancies since the pandemic hit.


Manufacturing jobs (-58%)

Open vacancies in the UK – 5,597

Manufacturing jobs are down 58% and the industry has seen a consistent downward trend since the coronavirus outbreak nine weeks ago. The average salary for all manufacturing jobs in the UK is £25,047, significantly lower than the average salary of all advertised jobs, which sits at £34,291. Salaries in the industry have decreased over the past year by 11.1%, compared to a 1.6% drop in the average salary of all jobs. Currently, the top companies hiring for manufacturing jobs are 2 Sisters Food Group, Tulip and Greencore. 


Energy jobs (-73%)

Open vacancies in the UK – 942

Vacancies within the energy sector have decreased by a staggering 73% since the Coronavirus outbreak, down from 3,643 to 942 in the UK. This figure is significantly higher than the impact being felt in other countries, with only a 21% drop in energy jobs globally. With UK homes locked down for the fifth consecutive week, many companies are only conducting essential or emergency work, furloughing many agency staff who would usually be on hand for customer requests. 


Hospitality and catering jobs (-79%)

Open vacancies in the UK – 11,383

Topping the list of the most impacted industries is hospitality and catering which has lost over three-quarters of all advertised vacancies in the year to date (-79%). The number of open vacancies has dropped from 51,998 to 11,383. With new lockdown restrictions in place until at least May 7th, this is expected to continue to decline. 

Andrew Hunter, Co-Founder of Adzuna, comments; “With lockdown restrictions extended for another three weeks, we expect to see a further decline in job vacancies across the UK, especially within the hospitality and catering sectors. It’s interesting to see that now other industries are seeing stark declines as the pandemic progresses and the impact this will have on the economy later down the line is a big concern.

“Huge vacancy reductions in the manufacturing industry could be a real cause for concern for the UK economy, and many businesses will feel a big impact later down the line. Many businesses will now be reviewing how they can get back to work as quickly as possible when the measures are lifted to begin working on plans to recover.”

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