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Domestic Engineer (Voluntary Position)

The position:

A new opportunity has arisen for a full-time, Domestic Engineer required for 24-hour care to help shape a young person’s life for the future. Responsible for a wide range of tasks, the permanent role is an opportunity for someone looking to take on a new challenge. Contractual agreements include a minimum of 18 years of service. No holiday allowance is to be granted and the role is 100% voluntary with no salary available for the longevity of the employment. 

Job description:

This live-in position will include regular night shifts (likely to disrupt sleep patterns) with no additional pay. This is a solo working position with the workload and daily tasks to be completed without the assistance of any other employees (unless you are able to secure your own voluntary work companion). You will be required to perform an array of tasks, including a personal taxi driver, chef, cleaner, hairdresser, teacher, nurse and many more. 

Specific responsibilities for the full length of the employment include:

  • 24 hour Taxi service 
  • On-call Chef (breakfast, lunch, dinner) 
  • Cleaner
  • Ironer
  • Laundry Assistant
  • Nanny
  • Hairdresser
  • PA
  • Dishwasher
  • Teacher 
  • Nurse
  • Beauty Therapist
  • Stylist 
  • Dog walker
  • Financial Advisor
  • Swim instructor
  • Therapist
  • Personal shopper 

Daily tasks which should be completed every single day include: 

  • Wake the children/child up
  • Serve dinner
  • Wipe down the kitchen sides
  • Make beds
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Put a load of washing on
  • Make breakfast for everyone
  • Pack dishwasher or wash up
  • Get child/children to brush teeth
  • Hang out a load of washing
  • Get the children to get ready for bed
  • Pack up the lunch boxes
  • Help child/children with hair
  • Get the children to do their teeth before bed
  • Vacuum
  • Get child/children dressed
  • Check for any school paperwork
  • Remind family of the day’s appointments/clubs
  • Get the children to have a bath
  • Take child/children to school in the morning
  • Put shoes and coats away
  • Read with each child
  • Lay out school uniform and shoes
  • Tidy up the toys from that day
  • Unpack and wash lunch boxes
  • Address any homework that needs doing that evening
  • Pick child/children up from school at the end of their day
  • Feed the pets
  • Pack child/children’s school bags
  • Pack bag for work
  • Write in the children’s homework books
  • Put on the slow cooker/defrost something for tea
  • Remind the children about good behaviour for the day
  • Prepare an after school snack
  • Ferry child/children to appropriate clubs
  • Unpack the dishwasher from the morning
  • Prepare sandwiches for the lunchboxes the following day
  • Split up any arguments
  • Rinse out water bottles
  • Test children on homework in the car on way to school

Additional information:

  • Regular night shifts with no additional pay 
  • Evening and weekend work expected as standard 
  • 24-hour care
  • Live-in role
  • No pension/auto-enrolment scheme available 
  • No healthcare scheme available 
  • Zero hours holiday
  • Must be on call 24 hours a day
  • Limited training available 
  • Limited career progression 
  • No bonus scheme 
  • Solo working 
  • No medical insurance available 

Education requirements:

There are no specific education requirements for this position. 

Experience requirements: 

There is no experience required for this position. 

Progression opportunities: 

There are limited opportunities for progression within this role other than increasing the number of children to care for.