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Get hired with a little help from your friends

We’re delighted to launch Adzuna Connect, a new feature which allows you to use your connections on social networks to help you gain an advantage in the job search process.

list of connections on Adzuna Connect

How does it work? Go to this link and click on the LinkedIn or Facebook icons to hook Adzuna up with your profiles.

We’ll return a list of your friends or connections whose companies currently have vacancies in the Adzuna index – be patient, if you’re really popular it can take a few seconds.

results page connections on Adzuna Connect

From here you can go through to see the live job ads by company, and even click to ask your connection to refer you or tell you more about what it’s like to work there.

Once you’ve connected this service, you’ll also see a thumbnail picture of your friend next to any ad you find while you’re surfing Adzuna where you have a connection who can help you get a job there.

Simple. We hope you like it. Try it out.

We’re passionate about building the best job search experience possible. We aim to serve up every ad in the market with a dash of fast powerful search and handy, easy to use features like this one on the side. We’re still in beta, and keen to make things better, so if there’s any way at all you can see we can improve the site even further, please do send us feedback.

* Update – Adzuna Connect now supports second degree LinkedIn connections so you can find even more jobs where your friends can intro you – you can read more here *