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Hiring for Logistics & Warehouse Staff? Arm yourself with the stats

As employers for Logistics and Warehouse staff, you have to contend with increase pay of 5.4% year on year, which is above the national average, while the number of vacancies has dropped considerably. This could be a decline in the market as Brexit looms, and fewer businesses are hiring, while fewer candidates are looking. Whatever the situation, you can still load up on data and get ahead of the game.

The top 5 most popular jobs by title:

Job titleAverage vacancies over the past 12 months
Warehouse Operative11283
HGV Driver10302
LGV driver4192
Logistics Manager3944
lorry driver941

The vacancies for people physically shipping things around is just beating those who work in the warehouse and depots. For a candidate this means more opportunity, but for employers, does this mean that candidates are harder to come by?

Top 5 jobs by average advertised salary:

Job titleAverage salary over the past 12 months
Depot General Manager£44,624
Logistics Operation Manager£39,000
Logistics Manager£36,533
Export Manager£35,458
Logistics Analyst£35,091

As you could predict, managers tend to be paid more for organising the comings and goings of warehouse, freight and depots. These roles all pay over £30,000, which is a fair chunk more than your average HGV driver role at £26,851.

Biggest Year on Year Growth

Job titleGrowth in vacancies Year on year
HGV Fitter155.8%
Skip Driver66.6%
HGV Mechanic53.2%
Night Driver55.9%
Container Driver43.7%

Biggest Year on Year Declines

Job titleDecline in vacancies year on year
Mobile HGV Technician-59.6%
Lorry Driver-45.7%
Forklift Driver-26.7%
Warehouse Operative-22.0%
HGV Technician-11.5%

Those roles which support the HGV driver experience a considerable change, which may just be down to the fashion for certain roles – Fitters and Mechanics are on the up, while technicians are on the way down. Warehouse Operatives are also declining rapidly, which as the role with the most vacancies in the sector is symptomatic of the wider trends.

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