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How To Stay Motivated At Work On Blue Monday

The third Monday in January, often known as Blue Monday, is considered to be the most depressing day of the year due to the combination of cold weather, debt levels, motivational levels, and post-Christmas blues. The nights start to feel a little longer and the weather starts to get a bit colder and there is dreaded feeling which creeps up when you realise that you have to make your way back to the office and tackle those tasks you promised yourself you would ‘after the holiday’.

It’s easy for your motivation to take a beating in January and it can be awfully hard to feel fired up for work again. But it doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom. Here are seven ways to help you brighten up your life in January:

Get in early


One of the best things to do is arrive early and focus on your to-do list and get going when it’s fairly quiet, before everyone else arrives and you’re pulled in different directions with countless meetings.

Work at a pace you’re comfortable with


Are you a morning person or an afternoon/evening person? Plan and schedule challenging tasks for a time when you’re at your efficient best. If you seem to work best in the mornings, avoid going through emails and replying to each one of them first thing when you step through the door. Instead, pick the big, tough-to-do tasks and get them out of the way. You can also try and schedule important meetings for when you know you’re going to be at your best form.

Put that phone down


It can be upsetting to get back to the desk after a long holiday but avoid texting, emailing, tweeting about it or even calling someone to vent. Before you know it, you would’ve spent an hour (or two or three) reminiscing about your holiday while precious time at hand is lost. Instead, take a walk or a quick break and do something that energises you.

Prioritise and cut the frills


Your time is your best resource at work. Make a list of who and what you need to spend your time and energy on to achieve your targets. Post-holiday catch ups take up most of one’s time at the office – but learn to be smart with your time and try sticking to your to-do list each week.

Work Out

Woman running on wooden path

It might already be on your personal to-do list but working out and taking an hour off to work on your health is known to increase productivity. It’ll lift your spirits, which means your motivational levels can be altered drastically. Go on, hit the gym.

Take your breaks seriously


It’s easy to get carried away and turn into a workaholic for a couple of days after a long holiday but avoiding break time will only lead to you burning out. Recharge your batteries every now and then – even if this means stepping away from your computer every couple of hours and catching the sunlight for a few minutes.

Book your next holiday


What? Think it doesn’t work? Try it for yourself and see! Booking yourself a new holiday is proven to be the best antidote to post-holiday blues because it gives you something to look forward to again and as is a great way to boost your morale.

And if you’re still unhappy after that holiday and are looking for better options, you’re in the right place. Adzuna trawls the web to find you every job, everywhere. Need some advice for how to land your next job? Take a look at our career tips here.