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Infographic: The Effects of Technology in Jobs

Technology is evolving around us day by day and is becoming dominant in our lives and so we are pretty reliant upon this. Between 2012 and 2013, IT jobs stood out amongst all job sectors as one of the most improved job sectors in the UK, with 72,003 vacancies, an increase of 4.6% on the year before. Alongside these technology jobs, scientific, manufacturing, hospitality and catering, and accounting and finance jobs also came on in leaps and bounds; making all of them appealing job sectors to be working in in the UK.

As with many things, when strength increases in one area, we often see a dip in another arena, and the UK job market also saw some declining job sectors in 2013; trade, construction, retail, travel, HR and graduate job vacancies all dropped by between 2-5% from the previous year. That said, many UK cities saw great growth in their tech sectors – some of the highest paying cities in technology jobs to date are London, Reading, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Manchester and Bristol are also up there with the most technology jobs.

The below infographic “The Effects Of Technology In Jobs” by the Telegraph highlights the continuing dominance of the London tech scene. With  thousands of vacancies, the scope of this digital and technological landscape is only increasing. More companies are basing their operations in London (and we saw a 76% increase in companies opting for this in 2012-2-13). In recent news, it was reported that US-based entrepreneurs were increasingly flocking to the East London scene in general, and Shoreditch’s tech hub in particular.

As companies grow and rapidly adapt so does the way they hire, it can be tough at the top. Some of the toughest tech companies to interview are ThoughtWorks, Citrix, Avaya and Bain & Company. From seven-stage interviews to challenging and technical questions, you truly  need to be on top of your game to get through the gates of these companies.

Technology will always be crucial to the way we live and work, and with advanced technology developing, robots helping in jobs, internet technologies re-defining how we work we will only become more productive in the future through technology. There are huge investments being made as seen in the infographic and this is the start to a brighter and technological future.

Credit: Infographic courtesy of the Telegraph technology jobs team