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Job ads requiring a Covid-19 jab jump 189%

We have well over 1.3 million job ads on Adzuna in the UK, but how many are asking candidates to be vaccinated against Covid-19? Our data reveals that number is rising rapidly.

In the US, we’ve already seen major employers like Facebook, Google, McDonald’s and Goldman Sachs mandating that workers who return to the office must be jabbed. But how does the UK compare? Are British companies implementing similar measures?

We take a closer look at this growing trend, including which sectors are asking jobseekers to be jabbed.


Job ads requiring vaccination jump 189% in three months

The number of UK job ads explicitly requiring jobseekers to be vaccinated against Covid-19 rose to 2,324 in October ‘21, up from 2,161 in September. Compared to three months ago, the number of UK job ads asking applicants to be vaxxed has grown +189% up from 805.

Proportionally, 0.19% of UK job ads now require jobseekers to be vaccinated against Covid-19. This is up from 0.18% in September and from just 0.07% three months ago in July.


Table 1: Total Adzuna UK job ads mandating Covid-19 vaccination

Month, 2021Advertised vacancies requiring a vaccineTotal UK advertised vacanciesProportion of job ads requiring a vaccine


Top industries requiring vaccination

The UK sector with the highest proportion of job ads mandating vaccination is Social Care (2.03%). The sector is followed by Healthcare & Nursing (0.91%), Charity (0.55%), Part time (0.42%), and Domestic Help & Cleaning (0.26%). 


The UK government’s mandate for vaccination for care workers came into effect on 11th November meaning we will likely see a big uptick in job ads requiring a vaccine in coming months. Estimates suggest up to 50,000 care workers could be affected by the ‘no jab, no job’ rules. Meanwhile, NHS staff face mandatory vaccination from next April.


How does the UK compare to the US?

The UK is a long way behind the US in terms of vaccine mandates in job ads. In the US, 0.87% of all job ads are mandating vaccination, equivalent to just under 70,000 job ads.

Furthermore, President Biden has introduced plans to mandate vaccines or weekly testing for all businesses with 100 or more staff from January.


In the US, more employers are offering vaccine bonuses as incentives, as well as others advertising when a jobseeker doesn’t need to be vaccinated for a role. A total of 5,600 job ads mentioned a bonus on offer to employees who get a Covid-19 vaccine in October. This is down from 22,200 in September and 27,700 in August.

We’re also seeing a continued rise in employers saying if they don’t require new employees to have a Covid-19 vaccination, as a means to compete for talent. In October, 900 job ads explicitly publicised not requiring a Covid-19 vaccination which is the highest level seen this year.

These aren’t trends we’re seeing in our UK data… yet!


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