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Job Spotlight – Charlotte Barrow, Marketing Officer at VisitBrighton

Over the next few weeks we’ll be continuing our series of “Job Spotlights” where we’ll be chatting to some of the most interesting folks (with the coolest jobs) from around UK. Next up, the delightful Charlotte Barrow, Marketing Officer and Web Editor at VisitBrighton!Visit Brighton marketing officer job

Adzuna: Can you tell Adzuna users who you are and what you do?

CB: My name is Charlotte Barrow and I am the Marketing Officer for VisitBrighton which is the official tourism body for the city. My role involves working with journalists who are interesting in writing about Brighton & Hove, this can be as simple as providing images for them to use or it can involve coordinating a press visit to the city so arranging accommodation, meals out and things to do. The job also includes working on VisitBrighton social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and our blog which are all branded as LoveBrighton.

Who’s your favourite marketing guru?

CB: I think I would have to say Martha Lane Fox as I think she is a strong role model for women wanting to work in marketing, she is excellent at capitalising on opportunities as LastMinute was one of the pioneering websites during the dot com boom and equally the Lucky Voice brand has reinvented karaoke.

Would you recommend a career in marketing, in particular in the tourism sector? What made you make the jump from Tesco Sales Assistant to Marketing Officer?

CB: I would definitely recommend a career in marketing, particularly in the tourism sector, of course I can only speak from my own experience but this job has given me an excellent grounding in several areas of marketing. Also because budgets are tight we have to be more creative.

I studied Marketing at university and this was always what I wanted to do, the Tesco job was always just a stop gap until a marketing opportunity came up.

Adzuna: If you weren’t a Marketer, what would you be?

CB: I would love to be an author however I lack the talent so I think I’ll stick to Marketing!

Finally, any tips for Adzuna users looking to become a marketeer in the tourism sector?

CB: The key thing for me when looking for a marketing job was that I wanted to promote a product I believed in, as while you can fake it for a while in the long-time it is difficult to successfully market something you don’t have faith in. When I started looking for jobs I wasn’t necessarily interested in working in tourism but when the job came up it seem like a dream job promoting a city I already love. So I believe that whatever area of marketing you are interested in working in the key thing is to be enthusiastic.

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