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Top jobs for… outdoorsy types


With the first rays of Spring sunshine tentatively peaking out from behind the clouds, Team Adzuna have been looking into the range of roles available for those who love nothing more than the great outdoors! And here are our top 5….


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1. Landscape gardener

The ultimate role for lovers of the great outdoors, gardeners could be responsible for growing and cultivating every and any types of flowers, trees, shrubs and lawns, and maintaining green spaces of all kinds. It could involve working in parks, gardens, sports grounds or schools.

To be a gardener, you’ll need a passion for a practical, outdoors lifestyle. Creativity and an eye for detail will help you to grow gardens that offer enjoyment and interest all year round. And of course, you’ll need to build up expertise and knowledge about all things horticultural.

There is no set entry route to become a gardener. Employers look for gardening skills and knowledge, and experience. You can study towards qualifications before you look for work, and in some areas Apprenticeship schemes may be available.

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Average Salary: £25,625


2. Archeologist

Archaeologists examine ancient sites and objects in the hope of uncovering nuggets of information about how we lived in the past. They might well specialise in a geographical area, a certain period of time or become an expert in one or more types of object – maybe pottery, coins or skeletons.

Large portions of the work takes place outside, at “digs”: sites of historical interest, where archeologists hunt for remnants of buildings, articles from a past society or clues about how people lived in times gone by.

A love of the outdoors, a fascination with history and a degree are common indicators of success in this field of expertise. Increasingly, a qualification in computing may also be useful because of the recent expansion in computer applications in archaeology.



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Average Salary: £41,575


3. Surveyor

Surveyors are the helpful chaps who provide important professional advice on construction and landscaping issues – from housing projects to commercial buildings, to roads and transport routes and even agriculture projects. Although not exclusively outside, there is plenty of opportunity appreciate the great outdoors in this varied, highly skilled role.

They work on the design and development of new buildings, transport links or other projects as well as the restoration and maintenance of existing ones. This is a very wide field and may include advising on various aspects of construction projects at different stages.

The work will offer loads of variety from one day to the next – with opportunities to work on everything from large, multimillion-pound structures to building new transport connections across the country. You could even find yourself working with buildings of architectural or historic importance.

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Average Salary: £46,395


4. Oceanographer

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Oceanographers are geoscientists who spend a portion of their time in the ocean studying marine life. There are several types of oceanographers, including biological oceanographers and marine biologists who observe how plants and animals develop and adapt in marine environments. Chemical oceanographers and marine chemists study the effects of pollution and other chemicals on marine lifeforms, and they also research ways to use the ocean’s resources to make medicines. Physical oceanographers examine currents, tides, waves, and coastal erosion. They also seek to understand factors that affect climate changes.

Oceanographers usually have a degree in oceanography, biology, marine biology, or a related field. Some oceanographers also pursue a master’s degree or a Ph.D.

Average Salary: £38,560

5.  Environmental Scientist
An environmental scientist conducts research to identify, decrease the harmful effects of, or eliminate pollutants and hazards to the environment or the health of the earth’s population. Protecting the environment is the heart of their remot, and there is certainly plenty of outdoors time to be had!
To get an entry-level role in this area, you will need a degree in environmental science. A degree level qualification in biology, engineering, chemistry or physics could also do the trick.
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Average Salary: £36,419

Feeling inspired for a career change to one of these fantastic opportunities? Check out for the latest vacancies in your chosen field. No pun intended.