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Making the most of Adzuna in your job search journey

We’re often asked for our best tips for jobseekers to make the most of Adzuna.  As the founders of a startup, we spend a ton of time on the website ourselves, and frequently spend time with users testing our site and hearing their stories of their Adzuna journey.  But not everyone coming to Adzuna to find a job has that luxury …

So we’ve compiled our Top Five Tips for making the most of Adzuna depending on the stage you are at in your job search.  We hope you find them useful and they help you find your perfect job.

1. Research your market value


If you’re researching the job market, check out Adzuna’s stats on the right hand side of every search results page.  These give you comprehensive data on what the market is currently paying, as well as other useful facts.  We also show widgets of real life salaries with the company name and job title where this data’s available.

Users find this information incredibly useful before applying for a job or when considering a career change.  Knowing market pay rates also empowers you at the salary negotiation stage, either with your current employer or a new one.  And we’re expanding this data soon … watch this space.

2. Research companies you want to work for

Many of the adverts on Adzuna have a little ‘in’ icon next to the company name.  If you click on this, it gives you a brief bio of that company from LinkedIn.  And if you click on the company name itself it will take you through to a company results set that lists all their current vacancies and also has salary stats for that company and an ‘inside look’ link where you can see interview feedback, ceo ratings and more.

We love this feature!  Check it out for the BBC, Google or Accenture for example.








3. Get hired with help from your friends

Our power users love Adzuna Connect.  Plug in your existing LinkedIn or Facebook network, and we’ll show you all the companies you’re connected to and all the live vacancies at them.  You can then message your connections to get the inside track on what it’s like to work there, or ask them to put in a good word for you.

Once you’re plugged in to Adzuna Connect, you’ll automatically start to see images of your friends next to relevant vacancies as you search around Adzuna.  Users tell us it gives them a huge leg up in both the research and application stages.  We believe it’s the future of jobhunting – taking networking to find a job to a new level.  We’re continually upgrading this tool, so if you have any feedback at all, please let us know.

4. Find the perfect vacancy

Searching for vacancies is the meat of the job hunt.  We bring together over half a million vacancies from over 250 sources of jobs, which means we list nearly every job ad in the UK.  Being able to search everything in one place is a huge leap forward for users.  But it can also make for a daunting search experience, as there may be hundreds or even thousands of results for a common search like online marketing manager in London.

Our top tips on search are all around narrowing that search experience.  Choose your what and where carefully to specify the job title and location you are interested in. Use the filters on the left to narrow by salary band or location.  Use your search history which we store further down on the left hand side of the page to quickly navigate back to your recent searches.  And did you know you can use quotation marks in your search if you want to exact match a particular phrase?  So for example, you could search for “online marketing manager” startup in London, and hey presto, at time of writing only 9 results.  That’s a much better shortlist.

5. Be the first to know

Once you’ve found the right search criteria for you, you’ll want to keep track of new jobs coming up that match.  The best way to do this is to sign up for an email alert via the box at the top of every search result.  Adzuna indexes literally tens of thousands of new opportunities every day, and we send you a simple, handy email listing the most recent jobs that have come up.  We don’t give anyone else your email address and you can cancel with one click.

Active jobseekers find these incredibly useful so they can be the first to respond to new opportunities that come up – and we also hear that alerts are good for people who are currently employed but interested in something very particular (brand manager jobs in football perhaps?).

That concludes our top tips, we hope you find them useful.  We’re always adding more features, so watch our blog for further updates and send us your feedback and ideas.  And if you’ve found a great job via Adzuna, please do tell us your story.