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Over a third of online job adverts are still posted without salary details


Over a third (35%) of live job vacancies are advertised online without specifying exact salary details according to our latest research.

Our research shows that more than half (55%) of UK workers are considering a new job role this year and 16% say they are looking for new opportunities in order to earn more money. But which industries are most likely to be unclear when it comes to salary details? 

Analysing internal data of up to 900,000 online job postings, Adzuna can reveal that the top ten industries with the highest percentage of online job listings without an exact salary, are:  


  1. Science and Quality Assurance (60%)
  2. Retail (55%)
  3. Energy (53%)
  4. Travel (50%)
  5. Hospitality and Catering (49%)
  6. Creative and Design (48%)
  7. Healthcare and Nursing (44%)
  8. Domestic Help and Cleaning (43%)
  9. Legal (41%)
  10. Public Relations (38%)


At 60%, scientific and quality assurance jobs have the highest percentage of job listings without a salary, even though the average annual salary for these jobs is £34,448 – on par with the national average at £34,593.

What’s more, the highest paying industries are some of the worst offenders when it comes to advertising salaries. These include the legal industry (£46,756 average salary), energy industry (£42,065) and creative and design industries (£39,579). 

In comparison, customer service jobs have the lowest average salary across the board at £21,241, yet job adverts in this industry are more likely to disclose potential salaries. 

The top ten industries that are best at specifying a salary are: 


  1. Charity and Volunteering (15%)
  2. Teaching (20%)
  3. Social work (22%)
  4. Customer services (29%)
  5. Property (24%)
  6. Admin (26%)
  7. Manufacturing (26%)
  8. Customer services (29%)
  9. Sales (30%)
  10. Trade and construction (30%)


With over 580,000 advertised jobs in the UK failing to disclose salaries, some employers are becoming increasingly reticent when it comes to publishing pay information – with excuses ranging from falling salaries, use of recruitment consultants, fear of disclosing salaries to competitors or current staff, and wide pay ranges for roles. It is increasingly difficult for jobseekers to find the right role. 

The biggest culprits include Google, Apple, ASOS, with almost all their roles failing to disclose salary. At the other end of the scale Greggs, Sports Direct, Aldi and Bupa are among the most transparent employers.

In cases where salaries aren’t posted online, job seekers can use Adzuna’s jobsworth tool to receive an estimate of the salary they can expect from a role, simply by entering the job description of the role they’re applying for.

Commenting on the findings, Andrew Hunter, co-founder at Adzuna says: “It’s interesting to see that so many industries post job adverts online without an exact salary, especially in instances where the average salary is a good amount of money and potentially higher than the national average. 

“Job seekers should have the right to see what they could be potentially earning in that role in order to see if it’s the right job for them and their lifestyle.

“If you’re looking at a role but cannot see salary information, you have the right to ask either the recruiter or the employer directly. Recruiters and recruitment managers should try to address this issue across the board, as it may help them receive a higher volume of suitable candidates.”

To try out Adzuna’s Jobsworth tool for yourself, please try our salary predictor