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Our highlights of summer week 2020


Adzuna celebrated summer week in slightly different fashion this year, but the activities were nonetheless just as fun, as we moved many of our events online. Our teams came together for a week of virtual challenges, games and activities. We kicked off the week with a presentation from our founders, Doug and Andrew, who took us through some of our achievements over the past few months, including the great feeling of support and collaboration created by the team during this uncertain time. We need to give a special shout out to our social committee for keeping us laughing over the past few months.

Making the most of our digital platforms we split our team into different groups to brainstorm ideas on how the team can further support job seekers with our product and our data during challenging times. Our survival skills were also put into practice during a team-building exercise. We were tasked to rank the most important survival equipment in order of importance if we were shipwrecked on a small boat. It was a great opportunity to work with different people and demonstrate team-work and synergy.



After working from home since early March, we arranged socially distanced meetups for small groups of 6 for a picnic and catch up in and around London. There were many highlights of the day, including quizzes, games and endless pizza. The team ended the week by getting dressed up in their best Hawaiian shirts and joining an array of different virtual “rooms” with their own activity/theme. We had everything from virtual wine tasting, Pictionary, guess who, art classes, bingo, and a brewery quiz. 

Summer week has always been an amazing opportunity to bring our teams together from across the world to have some fun and come up with ways to make the job search experience better for our users.  We were incredibly impressed with the effort everyone went to to make it such a successful week this year.