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James Parr joins Adzuna as Chief Financial Officer

Team Adzuna has gone from strength to strength over the last 10 years and there are now nearly 100 of us! Today, we’re pleased to announce the appointment of another Adzunian, our new Chief Financial Officer James Parr. James Parr is joining us as CFO to help drive our business through its next phase of Continued »

What Olympians could earn in their everyday jobs

The delayed Tokyo Olympics showcased the absolute best of sportsmanship and for Team GB it has been a fantastic games. What’s more, the Paralympics start at the end of August and are sure to bring yet more medals for Team GB. That being said, not all of our sportsmen and women are able to work Continued »

Adzuna asks: How can organisations be LGBTQ+ inclusive?

How can organisations be LGBTQ+ inclusive? What does it mean? And why does it matter? We’re working hard at Adzuna to create an inclusive culture for all – it’s something we’re passionate about as a business. But we also know that we still have a lot of work to do and we’re committed to doing Continued »

Grad job openings triple year-on-year

UK hiring is back at pre-pandemic levels, but how is the graduate jobs market faring? And what do the job prospects for the Class of 2021 look like? Our latest jobs research takes a look at the hiring landscape for those finishing uni this summer. It’s good news for grads. A more hopeful jobs market Continued »

Pride month: Adzuna Q&A

This June, we asked some of our LGBTQ+ Adzunians to share their thoughts on Pride, coming out at work, and how we can all stand by the LGBTQ+ community and be allies. Many thanks to our wonderful contributors!   What does Pride mean to you? Will you be doing anything to celebrate? Johan: Although Pride might Continued »

The most LGBTQ+ inclusive cities, regions & sectors

For Pride Month, our resident Adzuna data gurus analysed nearly 9.7 million job vacancies across 10 different countries that host major Pride parades to reveal the cities and countries most inclusive for the LGBTQ+ community. We looked at the number of job ads proactively containing inclusive language welcoming jobseekers of all sexual orientations to apply Continued »

10 remote jobs requiring little or no experience

Are you looking for a job that requires little or no experience and is based from home? If you’ve just finished your studies, recently taken time away from the team, need work experience or maybe been unable to gain any qualifications because of personal circumstances, you may be looking for a remote job. Whatever your Continued »

20 jobs you can do without a degree and how much they pay

For jobseekers without a degree, career prospects are looking up. We recently studied the top jobs on offer that don’t require a formal education, comparing the vacancies on offer in our UK database of over 890,000 ads. Our analysts found there are currently over 130,000 advertised vacancies on offer across the UK in these roles. That’s Continued »

Seven steps for building an inclusive company culture

It’s well known that a diverse workforce is a successful workforce, with diverse management teams proven to be more innovative. But the ‘I’ – inclusion –  in DE&I is often forgotten and is equally important. Having an inclusive working environment is at the core of attracting a diverse talent pool,  retaining that talent, and ultimately Continued »