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Top 10 Summer Jobs + Perks!

Summer is just around the corner. For some students, it’s a great time to relax after the many months of working tirelessly towards exams and coursework. For others, it might be time to find a summer job to gain experience and save a bit of money before heading back for the next academic year. Fortunately, Continued »

Automation: Is it really a threat to our jobs?

Job automation is a popular topic and an increasing fear as technology develops. There is concern that some jobs will become ‘extinct’ with greater technological advances, particularly lower skilled jobs. Recently, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) calculated the probability of certain jobs being at risk of automation. The jobs which displayed the highest probability Continued »

Congratulations to Bibata, our Student of the Year 2018!

We received thousands of entries from all over the world for our Student of the Year 2018 competition. As the standard of applicants rises every year, the expert panel are finding it increasingly difficult to decide on a winner for the coveted title and multitude of amazing prizes. After much deliberation and debate, the panel Continued »

Highest paid UK celebrities earn up to 2086x the average!

Wouldn’t you love to get paid for working on your passion? What if you could get paid 2000x more than you do now? British writer, JK Rowling, does just that and earned £74.5m for the privilege (according to The Telegraph). She’s one of 12 top earning UK celebrities making between £26.5m and £74.5m after successfully Continued »

Student of the Year 2018 – Meet the Finalists!

It’s that time of year again to announce the shortlist for Adzuna’s ‘Student of the Year 2018’ competition! Over the last few months, we have been flooded with thousands of incredible entries from all over the world, all hoping to get the coveted title of ‘Student of the Year 2018’. After months of deliberation, we Continued »

Adzuna Hires Former Indeed Leader, Christopher Gamble, as VP Sales for North America

Gamble joins growing job search engine to spearhead North American market Global job search engine Adzuna, today announced that industry veteran Christopher Gamble, formerly a senior sales leader at Indeed, has joined the company as Vice President of Sales for North America, effective immediately. Gamble will spearhead the organization’s US and Canadian operation, build relationships Continued »

Royal Baby Name – What Will It Be?

Princely Potential: Baby Albert Would Command Highest Real-World Salary The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge might want to consider how the name they choose for the new Royal Baby could affect their offspring’s future earning potential, with Alberts and Arthurs earning the most, according to new research by jthe super smart chaps here at Adzuna. The Continued »

Adzuna Job Market Report – January 2018

  UK average advertised salaries hit 19-month high Average UK advertised salaries have reached their highest figure since May 2016, according to our smart data guys here at Adzuna. The 1.9% improvement in the year to December means the average advertised wage is now £32,940. Following an ongoing pay squeeze, UK average salaries are starting Continued »

Songs for Career Success in 2018

Banish the Blue Monday Blues With Blue Monday looming yet again on the horizon, and a quarter of all UK workers feeling fed up* with their current career, staff across the country may well be in need of cheering up. Coined as the most depressing day of the year, Blue Monday falls at that time Continued »