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Best British Workplace – Meet Our Finalists: CrowdCube

Founded on the back of a real passion for all things entrepreneurial, CrowdCube’s mission is to make it easier to raise money to start and grow a small business. Tasking themselves with taking the arduous process of tracking down investment for small business owners and making it sleek, easy to understand and generally less of a Continued »

Best British Workplace – Meet Our Finalists: Frog Bikes

Founded three years ago by the lovely John and Shelley, a couple with two small (and very keen!) cyclists for inspiration, Frog Bikes is dedicated to make cycling safe, easy and fun for Tadpoles around the UK. After discovering many of the bicycles they looked at for their children weighed almost as much as the child themselves, the Continued »

Best British Workplace – Meet Our Finalists: Campus North

”A hive of great minds, innovation and action”. Meet Campus North, a company based in the picturesque locale of Newcastle upon Tyne and home to Ignite, the UK’s leading angel-led accelerator programme for ambitious  digital start-ups. With over 150 founders, designers, and developers working in the space, the environment is one of collaboration and creativity. Continued »

Best British Workplace – Meet Our Finalists: Carwow

Launched in 2010 by James Hind and Alexandra Margolis, Carwow is a car review aggregator that makes the process of choosing and buying your new car effortless. They have changed the way Britons choose to buy their cars, where they can get the car they want, the way they want and at an impressive price Continued »

Best British Workplace – Meet Our Finalists: SecretEscapes

Founded by Alex Saint, Tom Valentine and Troy Collins in 2010, Secret Escapes negotiates exclusive rates for luxury hand-picked hotels and hotels in the UK and abroad, and so saves you up to a staggering 70% off the price you’d pay by booking anywhere else. We all know that even the fanciest of hotels don’t like to Continued »

Best British Workplace – Meet Our Finalists: HelloFresh

Launched in 2012 by Ed Boyes and Patrick Drake, HelloFresh – a company based in London – delivers boxes full of ingredients along with innovative recipes straight to your doorstep, so you can whip up a delicious meal by yourself. With a passion for food, they believe that cooking isn’t something that should be restricted Continued »

Can You Help Us Find The Best British Workplace?

Today Adzuna starts the search for the Best British Workplace. We’re on the hunt for workplaces that stand out from the pack, lead by example, and make their employees proud to say ‘I work there’. The cream of the crop will be crowned a Best British Workplace 2016, while an overall winner chosen by an Continued »