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How to build a career with real meaning

This blog post is an excerpt of an article titled “Explore These Distinctions for Building a Career With Meaning“, appearing on the Economist Executive Education blog, originally published by Idealist Careers. Building a meaningful career can be challenging, and not just the part where you have to find appropriate job vacancies. Before you start job Continued »

Hard evidence in favour of soft skills

Boasting the very best work experience and a wealth of technical skills on your CV is of course something we all aspire to, but today’s employers are far more inclined to value soft skills, such as communication competence or team working expertise, than ever before.  British employers are more than 10 times as likely to Continued »

9 Signs the UK Job Market is in Recovery

Guys! Its good news. Unemployment has fallen yet again by 51,000 to 2.61 million, its lowest level since last summer.  Many commentators, however, still met the news with an air of scepticism due mainly to the continued rise in the number of benefit claimants, the fragile European economy and high youth unemployment. But we here at Continued »

Making the most of Adzuna in your job search journey

We’re often asked for our best tips for jobseekers to make the most of Adzuna.  As the founders of a startup, we spend a ton of time on the website ourselves, and frequently spend time with users testing our site and hearing their stories of their Adzuna journey.  But not everyone coming to Adzuna to Continued »

Why you should never lie on your CV

Hot off the press this week is the naming and shaming of Scott Thompson, the Yahoo CEO who lied on his CV claiming to have a degree in Computer Science. Now, we’ve all, at some point in our careers, told a little white lie, stretched the truth or exaggerated our achievements, but when do these go from foolish Continued »

Graduate competition intensifies – How are you managing?

It’s been a bit of a wobbly start to 2012 for the UK economy and the job market as a whole. Unemployment among 18-25 year olds is the highest it’s been for decades and industry mutterings such as “graduates without existing work experience have little or no chance of receiving a job offer in an organization’s graduate Continued »

The future of jobs – 12 Industries set to boom

10 years ago we didn’t have Facebook. 10 years before that, we didn’t have the consumer web. 1000s of new job titles have spawned from new technology, globalisation and cultural shifts in the last few years alone. So what jobs do we expect to see in 20 years time? Which industries will thrive and which Continued »