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Employers look for jobseekers with leadership skills for 2021

  As we head into 2021, many industries are still working largely remotely with Covid-19 having dramatically changed the world of work. The hiring landscape shifted over 2020 with a different set of skills needed for 2021. If you’re applying for jobs at the moment, you should this in bear in mind. Luckily for you, we’ve done Continued »

10 tips to create a compelling cover letter

It is no secret that a cover letter is one of the most crucial ingredients when it comes to applying for a job. It needs to be creative, compelling and concise – but HOW we hear you asking. How do you wow the hiring manager and convince them that they have to meet you in person Continued »

CV Errors Your Spell-Checker Won’t Notice

Few first impressions matter as much as when you put your CV or a cover letter in front of an employer, so making sure it’s error-free is essential to getting off on the right foot. While even spelling-bee champions can make typos or misuse words, thankfully spell-checkers (like the one used in ValueMyCV) catch most Continued »

3 in 4 CVs Contain Spelling Errors

Does your CV claim you are proficent with microsoft powerpoint, an affective communicator, or have mangement experience? If so you’re in good company, as our recent study found that almost three quarters of CVs have at least one spelling area. In fact, in a sample of 20,000 CVs uploaded to ValueMyCV we found that one in five CVs contained five or more Continued »

The CV Filenames That Could Be Ruining Your Job Prospects

Right now we’re in the middle of a national advertising campaign for ValueMyCV, a salary estimation tool that helps you make smarter decisions about your next career move by showing you the true value of your CV. As well as letting you know how much you’re worth to an employer, it’s also packed full of tips to help Continued »

7 Jobs For People Who Thrive In Social Situations

Are you the kind of person that enjoys spending time with people or working in groups? Do you derive energy from social situations or have the ability to make great conversations with just about anyone? You might just be what they call an ‘extrovert’. Extroverts are known to be an outgoing bunch who derive energy Continued »

Announcing Graduate Of The Year 2016

  And it’s back! Are you a recent graduate? Are you looking for an exciting opportunity for you to get your career started? Well, look no further because Adzuna’s back with the fifth edition of its Graduate Of The Year 2016 Competition! Except this time, it’s bigger and better than before with tons of new Continued »

10 Creative Job Applications We Love

This week, the Adzuna team has been pondering the all-important question of what makes a CV really stand out from the crowd. A while ago, we heard a radio interview with a famous advertising guru. He spoke about his struggles, successes and how it all started for him. At the beginning of his career, after several unsuccessful Continued »

Hard evidence in favour of soft skills

Boasting the very best work experience and a wealth of technical skills on your CV is of course something we all aspire to, but today’s employers are far more inclined to value soft skills, such as communication competence or team working expertise, than ever before.  British employers are more than 10 times as likely to Continued »