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10 Female Bosses You’d Love To Work For

You know our world at Adzuna basically revolves around jobs, don’t you? And being the tech aficionados that we are, we’ve made it our mission to keep you guys informed on the who’s-who of the tech industry. We were recently asked to name some of the young female bosses who are taking the tech industry by storm Continued »

Could One Of These Guys Be Your Next Boss?

At Adzuna, we live, breathe and eat the world of jobs, and being a tech company, the startup world is one that sits pretty close to our hearts. When we were asked recently to name some of the most exciting bosses in the world of technology, we couldn’t resist getting our research hats on and Continued »

Announcing Graduate Of The Year 2016

  And it’s back! Are you a recent graduate? Are you looking for an exciting opportunity for you to get your career started? Well, look no further because Adzuna’s back with the fifth edition of its Graduate Of The Year 2016 Competition! Except this time, it’s bigger and better than before with tons of new Continued »

6 worst body language mistakes graduates make

So, you’re done with university, are looking forward to the summer, applied for a ton of jobs, aiming to find yourself some form of secure employment… and a minuscule number of companies have called you for a face-to-face interview. Great! Except for one tiny thing: the working world is very different from that of university. You can’t Continued »

Best British Workplace – Meet Our Finalists: Campus North

”A hive of great minds, innovation and action”. Meet Campus North, a company based in the picturesque locale of Newcastle upon Tyne and home to Ignite, the UK’s leading angel-led accelerator programme for ambitious  digital start-ups. With over 150 founders, designers, and developers working in the space, the environment is one of collaboration and creativity. Continued »

The little things that tell you a lot about an employer

When you’re applying for a job, it’s natural to want to find out as much as you can about a potential employer. A company website is a good place to start, but it’s more likely to tell you about the organisation’s services or products rather than working culture. And, of course, there are employee review sites, so you Continued »

1 in 11 Current Job Vacancies At Risk From Robots

It’s only a matter of time before a robot wins the Adzuna Table Tennis Tournament… Are You Applying For Robot Friendly Job Vacancies? In case you haven’t heard: the robots are coming for us. Or our jobs at least. Over the last year or so report after report has reminded us that we’ll probably be Continued »

Jobs for sports fans

The UK is one of the most sports mad countries on the planet. From the hundreds of thousands that watch live football ever week to the Rugby World Cup currently taking over every pub, stadium and front room in the country the UK has a vibrant sports industry. Sport can be an inspiring, high-tempo, fascinating Continued »

Last chance to enter the Graduate of the Year competition

Calling all recent graduates! We have just a few days left to enter the Grad of the Year competition! The competition closes THIS FRIDAY and we are still accepting applications up to the deadline. So if you want to win amazing prizes and be crowned “Graduate of the Year 2015“look no further. We are offering Continued »

5 work mistakes to avoid

Few employees can claim to boast a career entirely free of errors, or unscathed by the odd bad day. Most people have experienced days they wish had never happened; the one you would turn back the clocks on if you could, and redo it from scratch. Mis-sent emails, accidental work faux pas, or that epic fail when you Continued »