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Using Social Media to Get Your Next Job

Finding a job on the Internet can be tough. With so many job sites available, a limited number of vacancies and an ever-increasing number of people applying, you need to make sure you stand out at every opportunity. In today’s job market, vacancies can be found in a number of ways: an ad in the paper, a Continued »

Where to find the best internships online

Guest post written by our friends over at Inspiring Interns Life-saving medicine and inflatable flying sharks aside, the internet is arguably one of the best ever inventions. Not only has it changed the way people interact with each other across the world, but it has revolutionised the way people search for jobs and internships. If Continued »

The Low Down on Social Media in Job Hunting

If you haven’t noticed the Social Media explosion over the past years, then you must have been living under a rock.  Being the social butterfly that we are, Adzuna is already in on the social media d-low, and thought we’d share a few pearls of wisdom with you. Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pretty much sit Continued »

Graduate competition intensifies – How are you managing?

It’s been a bit of a wobbly start to 2012 for the UK economy and the job market as a whole. Unemployment among 18-25 year olds is the highest it’s been for decades and industry mutterings such as “graduates without existing work experience have little or no chance of receiving a job offer in an organization’s graduate Continued »

Get hired with a little help from your friends

We’re delighted to launch Adzuna Connect, a new feature which allows you to use your connections on social networks to help you gain an advantage in the job search process. How does it work? Go to this link and click on the LinkedIn or Facebook icons to hook Adzuna up with your profiles. We’ll return Continued »

Can’t get a job? Clean up your Facebook profile

Employers are increasingly using Facebook and other social networking sites to ‘vet’ candidates as well as check up on existing staff.  In fact they are being advised to by business magazines, and being sold software that helps them do it.  Some might think this is unfair or even claim it’s illegal, but it’s becoming a Continued »