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Automation: Is it really a threat to our jobs?

Job automation is a popular topic and an increasing fear as technology develops. There is concern that some jobs will become ‘extinct’ with greater technological advances, particularly lower skilled jobs. Recently, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) calculated the probability of certain jobs being at risk of automation. The jobs which displayed the highest probability Continued »

What’s the Biggest Office Fashion Faux Pas?

Every company has its own dress code. This can range from ‘smart’ to not having a specific code at all. When starting a new job or going for an interview, the decision to find what to wear can be a difficult feat and it can be daunting not knowing which direction to go with your Continued »

Top Five Soft Skills and How to Improve Them

In a competitive job market, it’s important to list your skills in a way that puts you at the front of the candidate list. It’s easy to forget how important soft skills are when writing your CV and cover letter for a job application, as people tend to focus on the qualifications and taught technical Continued »

Gender bias in job ads: how job ads reinforce the gender pay gap

Employers have a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure their workplaces are free from implicit and explicit discrimination. A diverse workforce contributes to positive company culture and even improved profits, but many industries still struggle to balance the scales when it comes to both pay and recruitment. In April 2018 the Office for National Statistics Continued »

Congratulations to Bibata, our Student of the Year 2018!

We received thousands of entries from all over the world for our Student of the Year 2018 competition. As the standard of applicants rises every year, the expert panel are finding it increasingly difficult to decide on a winner for the coveted title and multitude of amazing prizes. After much deliberation and debate, the panel Continued »

Highest paid UK celebrities earn up to 2086x the average!

Wouldn’t you love to get paid for working on your passion? What if you could get paid 2000x more than you do now? British writer, JK Rowling, does just that and earned £74.5m for the privilege (according to The Telegraph). She’s one of 12 top earning UK celebrities making between £26.5m and £74.5m after successfully Continued »

Which Premier League Football Club Is The Most Affordable?

Richard Scudamore’s recent retirement from Executive Chairman of the Premier League didn’t exactly go unnoticed by football fans across the country.  Scudamore’s departure piqued such interested for one main reason: the insistence of the Premier League that each club donates £250,000 towards his £5 million ‘golden goodbye’. Perhaps what irritated fans most is the feeling Continued »

The Biggest Recruitment Industries in the UK

Analysis of over 1 million job ads conducted by Adzuna, has found the industries experiencing the most growth across counties in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The research study assessed which industries have the most vacancies, broken down by each county in the UK. Industry Number of Counties 1 Healthcare & Nursing 24 2 Continued »

How Much More Do World Leaders Earn Than Their Citizens?

Political leaders across the globe make decisions that affect our economic, political and social futures. Given the importance of these decisions, it is, perhaps, unsurprising that the average leader’s salary is 7 times that of their citizen’s. However, this difference varies massively across the globe – from almost equal in China through to being absolutely dwarfed in South Africa. Continued »