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The 8 coolest Easter jobs available right now

If you miss the days of Easter egg hunts and visits from the Easter bunny, don’t worry! At Adzuna, we have taken a look at all of the ways that you can incorporate Easter into your career. So, if you love chocolate, baby animals, and daffodils, these roles will be the perfect fit for you! Continued »

CareerTok: What you need to know and who you should be following

Have you heard that people are starting to find careers on TikTok, and some are even posting their CVs in the form of a short video? CareerTok is on the rise, with career-themed videos with job-hunting advice, work opportunities, and CV tutorials becoming ever more popular on the social media channel.  TikTok even piloted #TikTokResumes Continued »

The 10 most sexist cities with the biggest gender pay gaps

Does where you live impact how fairly you’re being paid? Despite it being 2022, the gender pay gap remains a very real thing, with women still being underpaid compared to men in many cities. Here we expose the worst offenders.  At Adzuna, we analysed over 220,000 CVs of recent job seekers using our free ValueMyCV Continued »

The companies offering the biggest signing bonuses

A signing bonus (also known as a sign-on bonus) is paid to employees when they start a new job. Usually, they act as an incentive to fill roles that employers are struggling to fill, or in industries where there are staff shortages. Adzuna’s view of the UK hiring landscape allows us to analyse over 1m Continued »

Adzuna asks: What job challenges do neurodiverse workers face?

As part of our mission to create a more inclusive workplace for all here at Adzuna, we’re taking steps to understand the obstacles facing neurodiverse employees and jobseekers, from challenges interviewing and securing work, to hurdles within the workplace. We know we have work to do to keep improving our inclusivity and educating ourselves on Continued »

How is employee burnout being tackled in 2022?

Employee burnout is a real issue in today’s working world. Burnout is defined as emotional and physical exhaustion and is one of the leading causes of workplace absences. But this makes you wonder, what are employers doing to prevent employee burnout? Is there even anything they can do? There are plenty of strategies that are Continued »

The 10 most sought after jobs for 2022

If you’re considering handing in your notice for your 9-5 role so that you can become an animal handler at a zoo, then you are not alone! Today’s job market is constantly evolving, and that includes the popularity of job postings. At Adzuna, we conducted research into the most sought after roles and the salary Continued »

Adzuna appoints Paul Lewis as Chief Marketing Officer

Our whole team is passionate about using the power of technology to match people to better, more fulfilling jobs and today that team has got a little stronger. We’re delighted to announce that Paul Lewis has joined us as Chief Marketing Officer. Paul joins us to drive our business through its next phase of growth, Continued »

Metaverse jobs rising exponentially

We’re always on the lookout for new and emerging trends in the jobs market and whether they could offer exciting opportunities for job hunters. The metaverse is a current buzzword and getting a lot of air time after Facebook’s rebranding to Meta, but does the metaverse offer a new sector for jobseekers? We take a Continued »

Everything you need to know about National Apprenticeship Week

In its 15th year, National Apprenticeship Week is a week-long celebration of all things apprenticeships. We’re taking the opportunity to delve into what apprenticeships are, what they look like, and how to apply for an apprenticeship. The theme this year is “Build the Future”, emphasising the skills and knowledge that apprentices gain whilst building a Continued »