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15 Tips To Make Sure Your CV Gets Seen

Get help writing a great CV and more in our Career Tips section.    A CV is only valuable if someone actually sees it – according to LinkedIn 72% of CVs aren’t even looked at. That’s because software used by recruiters and hiring managers can mistakenly decide your CV isn’t relevant for the position, preventing your Continued »

Unreal Earnings – The Salaries Of Fictional Characters

How much would fictional characters get paid for doing their job in the real world? If you’ve ever lost yourself in a novel you might have wondered this about your favourite Tom, Joe or Helen. Wonder no more. To celebrate World Book Day we’ve delved into our extensive database of over 1 million job vacancies and Continued »

Tips For Negotiating A Salary Increase

Once you’ve read our guide why not take a look at our email template which helps you ask for a pay rise? Our recent look at which jobs have seen the biggest salary increases over the past 10 years shows that over time there can be dramatic shifts in the value of certain skills. But Continued »

The Science Behind A Happier Commute

For commuters currently struggling with the ‘failing’ Southern Rail (London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s choice of word, not mine) it will no doubt feel like nothing short of a way to teleport to work will help. But even those of us that aren’t blighted by repeated strikes and severely reduced services can find commuting an unpleasant Continued »

The Salaries of Famous Composers

Once you’ve found out how much Mozart was worth why not find out how much you’re worth with ValueMyCV or find out how to ask for a pay rise? Last month we looked at what some of history’s most famous scientists would earn if they were being paid today. As it was so much fun we decided to Continued »

The Salaries of Famous Scientists

If like Rosalind Franklin you think you deserve a higher salary, why not find out how to ask for a pay rise?  Was Einstein rich? Did Newton make a tonne of money? We took a look at the salaries of a handful of famous scientists that have made their mark on history and converted it into Continued »

12 of the World’s Largest Building Projects (infographic)

Have you heard the parable of the builders laying bricks? Someone walking past a building site stops to ask what the builders are doing and gets three different responses. The first replies: “I’m laying bricks.” The second says: “I’m building a wall.” The third declares: “I’m building a cathedral!” The story teaches us to be proud Continued »

A 5-Step Guide To Better Office Lunches

Whether it’s the pressure to be seen by the boss as ultra-productive or the strangely addictive lure of social media and cat videos, lots of office workers choose to spend their lunches glued to their computers. In fact, a study conducted by Get Britain Standing in collaboration with the British Heart Foundation found that as Continued »

How Much Do Fictional Characters Earn?

January is the busiest time of year for jobseekers, with many of us dreaming of new opportunities or a bigger pay packet. While Adzuna is gearing up to help millions of people find their perfect jobs, we can’t make every dream come true. If your life ambition is to be an MIB Agent or Intergalactic Continued »

The Day Jobs That Inspired Famous Authors

With National Novel Writing Month in full swing, thousands of hopeful novelists around the world are experiencing all the fun of trying to juggle a full-time job with a passion for writing. For those cursing their work commitments, there’s good news: some of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful authors clearly drew inspiration from Continued »