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The Languages That Pay The Most In Tech

It’s no secret that speaking another language can help you net a decent salary, but the real way to unlock a bulging pay packet is by combining that second language with an in-demand skill set. And there are few skills more in demand than knowledge of another type of language – coding languages like Python and Ruby. Continued »

The Highest Paid Jobs in Tech Right Now

It’s no secret that jobs in the IT sector pay handsomely. In fact, for 9 straight months jobs in IT have advertised higher salaries than any other industry. With tech jobs making a strong claim to be the most lucrative on the market, we decided to take a look at which positions pay not just the Continued »

Science and Healthcare Jobs Hit By Skills Shortage

Jobs in sectors like Science and Healthcare are sitting open on the jobs market for months as employers struggle for skilled applicants, according to our latest report. Over a fifth (21.2%) of Science & QA jobs currently on the market remain unfilled after 90 days, followed by 9.5% of Healthcare & Nursing vacancies, as these Continued »

As You Bike It: Britain’s Most Cycle-Friendly Businesses

As National Bike To Work Day draws near, tech writer Gemma Church takes a look at the benefits of cycling, and where you can take advantage of cycle to work schemes. Revealed: Britain’s Most Bike-Friendly Businesses What’s your favourite part of the working day? Although the daily commute may not be the first thing that springs to Continued »

How Can You Earn £100k? It Pays To Be Male

Is having a £100,000 salary on your list of career goals? If so, you’re more likely to tick it off your to-do list by holding a university degree, working in IT or Finance, and having clocked up at least 13 years of management experience, according to new research based on data collected from Adzuna’s ValueMyCV tool.  Continued »

10 Jobs For People Who Downright Hate People

We get it ….. dealing with mankind isn’t the easiest of processes on most days of the year, especially with social media constantly telling us what Tom, Dick and Harry are up to 24×7. But, when thinking about the career path you want to go down, it’s always important to consider more than just educational Continued »

Adzuna reveals the UK’s Best and Worst Job

Listing every available vacancy in the UK and studying the behaviour of millions of monthly job seekers, gives us a unique insight into employee satisfaction levels and perceptions in today’s job market. Job seekers should be taking note of this research when thinking about their next career move.  With this in mind we thought you Continued »

The Worst Jobs in the World (with the best pay)

Some jobs might not be particularly glamorous (or safe), but they sure can pay well. These nine jobs are some of the very worst in the world, but with salaries that can top £100,000 a year applicants aren’t that hard to come by. The Worst Jobs With The Best Pay Sewer Flusher – £45,000/$54,000 Private Security Continued »

The 8 Toughest Google Job Interview Questions (With Answers!)

For more help preparing for interviews visit our interview advice section. Having heard from friends and read online about some of the challenging (and sometimes ridiculous) interview questions you get asked at Google, we thought we’d put together a list of challenging/entertaining questions candidates have been asked at the Googleplex. Be warned, these may make Continued »