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20 jobs you can do without a degree and how much they pay

For jobseekers without a degree, career prospects are looking up. We recently studied the top jobs on offer that don’t require a formal education, comparing the vacancies on offer in our UK database of over 890,000 ads. Our analysts found there are currently over 130,000 advertised vacancies on offer across the UK in these roles. That’s Continued »

The pandemic squeeze on women’s job opportunities

Hiring in the UK is slowly but surely recovering as we move into spring. But is the recovery benefitting everyone equally? To dig into this question, we took a look at hiring activity within the top 20 occupations held by men and women, to discover if either gender has been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Our Continued »

The most sought after jobs in the UK

When searching for a new job, you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about how many other jobseekers are interested in a specific role. The focus tends to be on making your own application as great as possible. But asking yourself what the most sought after jobs actually are could help set yourself apart from the Continued »

UK hiring to be back to ‘normal’ as early as January 2021

After a dreadful spring and summer for the UK job market, here at Adzuna HQ we’re beginning to see a sustained recovery in hiring. So we took a moment to crunch the numbers, asking “When will hiring return to ‘normal’ in the UK?” and “What will the new ‘normal’ look like?” UK hiring activity currently Continued »

Adzuna Job Market Report – August 2016

Jobseekers over £1,000 worse off in real-terms as rising inflation hits earnings Download the August UK Jobs Report   Real wages are starting to show symptoms of a post-Brexit slide, as inflation eats into wages and employers hold off on hiring more expensive staff, according to the latest UK Job Market Report from July Continued »

Announcing Graduate Of The Year 2016

  And it’s back! Are you a recent graduate? Are you looking for an exciting opportunity for you to get your career started? Well, look no further because Adzuna’s back with the fifth edition of its Graduate Of The Year 2016 Competition! Except this time, it’s bigger and better than before with tons of new Continued »

Adzuna Job Market Report – February 2016

Jobseekers face fewer options in 2016 as new openings fall In January, over 1 million  job vacancies were being advertised in the UK (1,079,711, to be precise). Despite the high numbers, advertised roles are actually down 7.3% from a whopping 1,164,502 in December – the largest monthly drop since 2012. Te number of advertised job Continued »

Adzuna Job Market Report – July 2015

Advertised salaries fall to 11-month low But a tenth of vacancies set to benefit from National Living Wage changes Download the full report here. On the face of it, things are looking up in the employment market, with over a million advertised vacancies across the nation. On the other side of the coin, however, advertised Continued »