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The pandemic squeeze on women’s job opportunities

Hiring in the UK is slowly but surely recovering as we move into spring. But is the recovery benefitting everyone equally? To dig into this question, we took a look at hiring activity within the top 20 occupations held by men and women, to discover if either gender has been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Our Continued »

Health, wellbeing and WFH allowances: work perks for 2021

Forget nap pods and ping pong tables, WFH allowances and wellbeing support are 2021’s top work perks, according to our latest research. With tight recruitment budgets leading to widespread pay freezes and even ‘firing and rehiring’ at some workplaces, 2021’s new work perks are one of the most cost-effective ways to tempt new staff – Continued »

The most sought after jobs in the UK

When searching for a new job, you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about how many other jobseekers are interested in a specific role. The focus tends to be on making your own application as great as possible. But asking yourself what the most sought after jobs actually are could help set yourself apart from the Continued »

Employers look for jobseekers with leadership skills for 2021

  As we head into 2021, many industries are still working largely remotely with Covid-19 having dramatically changed the world of work. The hiring landscape shifted over 2020 with a different set of skills needed for 2021. If you’re applying for jobs at the moment, you should this in bear in mind. Luckily for you, we’ve done Continued »

The best cities internationally for jobseekers

Have you ever considered working abroad? Perhaps the laptop lifestyle appeals and you love the idea of travelling the world while running a business from your laptop? While the global pandemic has made travel more difficult in the short-term, it has also accelerated the trend to remote working. Workers no longer need to live in Continued »

6 ways to reduce job search stress

Are you feeling particularly stressed right now? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. The global pandemic, rising unemployment levels and the recent announcement of lockdown 2.0 across England (and similar measures in place in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) have created the perfect storm for stress levels. The announcement of Lockdown 1.0 saw Continued »

The 13 spookiest jobs hiring over 2,000 staff

Halloween lovers are in for a (trick or) treat this year, with over 2,000 creepy job openings currently on offer across the UK. We took a look at the 680,000+ jobs currently available on Adzuna to reveal the 13 spookiest jobs hiring this Halloween and what they pay. 13. Psychic Those with psychic abilities like Continued »

UK hiring to be back to ‘normal’ as early as January 2021

After a dreadful spring and summer for the UK job market, here at Adzuna HQ we’re beginning to see a sustained recovery in hiring. So we took a moment to crunch the numbers, asking “When will hiring return to ‘normal’ in the UK?” and “What will the new ‘normal’ look like?” UK hiring activity currently Continued »