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Royal baby name: What will it be?

Princely potential: baby Albert would command highest real-world salary The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge might want to consider how the name they choose for the new Royal Baby could affect their offspring’s future earning potential, with Alberts and Arthurs earning the most, according to new research by jthe super smart chaps here at Adzuna. The Continued »

The best baby names if you want your kids to earn big

Our name has a big impact on many parts of our lives, but can it have a knock on effect on our future earnings? That was the very question our super-smart friends over at the Knowledge Academy asked themselves. They took the most popular names in the UK last year and ran them through Adzuna’s Continued »

Tips For Negotiating A Salary Increase

Once you’ve read our guide why not take a look at our email template which helps you ask for a pay rise? Our recent look at which jobs have seen the biggest salary increases over the past 10 years shows that over time there can be dramatic shifts in the value of certain skills. But Continued »

7 Jobs For People Who Thrive In Social Situations

Are you the kind of person that enjoys spending time with people or working in groups? Do you derive energy from social situations or have the ability to make great conversations with just about anyone? You might just be what they call an ‘extrovert’. Extroverts are known to be an outgoing bunch who derive energy Continued »

The Simple CV Tip That Can Help You Earn More Money

Do you insist on people calling you by your full name or do you encourage colleagues to keep it casual and call you by a nickname? Your choice could be worth thousands of pounds… Last month we looked at a batch of CVs that had been uploaded to ValueMyCV to see which names were worth the most Continued »

Adzuna launches ValueMyCV to German market

Following a successful UK launch in 2015, Team Adzuna are pretty thrilled to announce the arrival of their innovative ValueMyCV tool in Germany. German jobseekers, recruiters, or simply the eternally curious can now upload their CV on and learn their current market value in the German labor market, and see suggestions for how to improve their Continued »

Adzuna Launches ValueMyCV

Want to Know Your Worth? At Adzuna, we are pretty thrilled to announce the launch of our latest job hunter tool, ValueMyCV. ValueMyCV is a unique, free tool, which calculates how much your skills and experience are worth based on your CV. The service also automatically suggests improvements to your CV, matches you to relevant jobs based Continued »

How To Ask For A Pay Rise – And Succeed!

From St Agnes to St Andrews, celebrations were rife in workplaces all around the country last week, as living wage increases look set to benefit 60,000 UK employees. With more than 1,000 employers signed up to the increase to date, promising to pay hourly wages of £8.80 in London and £7.65 around the rest of Continued »

Adzuna Jobs Report – September 2014

Real wages grow for first time since the recession Following recent improvements in average salaries around the UK, the man on the street saw extra pennies in their pocket for the first time since the financial crisis, as year-on-year advertised salary growth outpaced the rate of inflation, according to the latest UK Job Market Report Continued »