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Employers look for jobseekers with leadership skills for 2021

  As we head into 2021, many industries are still working largely remotely with Covid-19 having dramatically changed the world of work. The hiring landscape shifted over 2020 with a different set of skills needed for 2021. If you’re applying for jobs at the moment, you should this in bear in mind. Luckily for you, we’ve done Continued »

The Highest Paid Languages Of 2017

Which Languages Pay The Most in 2017? Are you a journalist looking for jobs data? We’d be happy to help – get in touch with us! Japanese and the Chinese languages were named the most lucrative non-English tongues for UK jobseekers according to our data experts here at Adzuna Towers – and they know their stuff, Continued »

Drivers and receptionists are most at risk from robot invasion

Over 100,000 currently advertised positions are at very high risk of being obsolete by 2035, according to new data released by jobs search engine Adzuna. Drivers, receptionists and accountants saw the highest number of advertised roles at risk of a robot takeover, as driverless cars and automated software for key tasks becomes a reality. Adzuna’s Continued »

British Employers favour attitude over qualifications

After a long and bitter winter, spring has finally arrived, and with it a new optimism that our labour market might start to get better.  Despite a tough economic situation our GDP has grown by 0.3% which is just enough to avoid a triple-dip recession. What is more encouraging is the recent job hunting news Continued »